MIKUNOPOLIS Being Broadcast Internationally via NHK World Premium

According to a post on the official Hatsune Miku Facebook page, footage of the MIKUNOPOLIS concert held at Anime Expo in 2011 will be broadcast on NHK World Premium starting at 12:15 AM Japan time on May 20th. NHK World Premium is a Japanese channel that is carried by many operators overseas and therefore can be watched internationally, either via these operators or by directly receiving the feed via satellite. More info is also available from the Facebook post.

UPDATE: A new post states that the airing time is for the Japanese broadcast and airings on international channels would be at different times.

5 thoughts on “MIKUNOPOLIS Being Broadcast Internationally via NHK World Premium”

  1. AGHHHH I’M GOING NUTS WITHOUT DECENT NEWS! ;_; I really don’t care about this because I didn’t go to MIkunopolis. =.=
    *Didn’t go, yet I live right next to LA. =.=*

    1. I know that feel. It’s even worse when my dad’s boss bought some tickets and ended up not going. She knew in advanced so she offered to sell the tickets, but my dad refused to buy them.

      At least you’ll be able to see a concert version in better quality than most youtube uploads thats for sure.

      Although on Miku’s facebook page, they’re trying to post the times for different time zones, since not everyone knows when 12:15 AM japanese time is compared to their own time zone.

      1. What they meant by the post was that Mikunopolis will be streamed on NHK, but only in Japan. They have not released the time that it will be streamed on NHK world.

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