5th Anniversary of Hatsune Miku CGM Award Contest

Sapporo International Short Film Festival and Market(Sapporo Short Fest) is holding a contest for users to create videos and short films for Hatsune Miku’s upcoming 5th anniversary. Videos that are submitted will be selected by a committee, and those selected will be screened at the main theater of the Sapporo Short Fest. One CGM grand prix winner and two winners of the CGM award will then be selected. The deadline for the contest is July 10th and you can submit your works here on their submission page.


– VOCALOID has to be used in the work.

– Copyright has to be clear with illustration and music.

– The length of the video or film has to be within 30 minutes.

– The video or film is published on the website.

– A director or a group of directors can submit only one video or film. 

– Resolution of the video will be more than 1024 x 768 pixels.

Copyrighted works, such as music, art, CG, and others, must be cleared by the copyright owners before you can submit your work. If your work is selected to be screened at Sapporo Short Fest, you will be asked to provide a higher resolution source for your video. Contestants may work as a group to submit a single video too. You will have to upload your work once it is completed to somewhere like YouTube or NicoNicoDouga to submit it, as they do not accept files.

Source: http://sapporoshortfest.jp/blogs/festivalupdate/2012/05/ssf2012-cgmaward-en.html

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One thought on “5th Anniversary of Hatsune Miku CGM Award Contest”

  1. Now this is how a contest should be done. It’s easy to understand, and it doesn’t require as many requirements. 
    This also a chance for some western producers to shine since works can be uploaded on youtube too!

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