Vocalekt Visions Holding Concerts in California and Romania

Through Re:VB’s live Vocaloid animation software, AniMiku, many fans around the world are able to create their very own concerts using a projector and mosquito netting. With this software, this weekend, on May 26th, both members of Vocalekt Visions will be holding a concert on opposite sides of the world. TempoP will be running the one during Fanime at Camera 3 in San Jose, CA, while NeutrinoP is running one at Otaku Festival 2012 in Bucharest, Romania.

The concert in San Jose, California will take place during Fanime weekend, which is advertised as the largest anime convention in Northern California. Near the San Jose Convention Center is the Camera 3 Cinema where the concert, hosted by TempoP, will be held at 10PM Saturday May 26th. The tickets to enter are $15 general admission and $12 if you have a Fanime Badge. Seats are limited however, so it is recommended to purchase your tickets early online on PrintTix. If you do plan on attending, please mark that you are attending on the Facebook Event page. You can also pre-purchase tickets at the Camera Cinema box office. Also available at this event is Vocalekt Visions new album “Vocalekt Visions Vocaloid Vacations” (V4 for short).

The concert in Romania will be hosted by NeutrinoP who will introduce many fans to Vocaloid for the first time at the Mikubook Partnered Otaku Festival 2012. I do not know much about this event, as most of the information is in a language I cannot understand, but this will also be held on the same day as the one in San Jose. More information can be found on the Otaku Festival website for the concert.


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11 thoughts on “Vocalekt Visions Holding Concerts in California and Romania”

  1. Google translate is better on Romanian than Japanese ^^

    Anyway all my wishes of success for this two concerts. And too bad my agenda was already booked for this WE, I’m just one hour flight from Bucharest :()

    I would have been glad to give a handshake to Miki (Neutrino) for all his nice work (I love Tatsumaki & Parallel World).

    1.  I’m afraid you will have to explain why it is bad. Is it because they use MMD or something or is it because they use fake holograms? I’m a little surprised that they are charging because it enters that gray line of what is and isn’t okay to do with vocaloids and MMD models if they are using MMD. (I remember that one team in mexico did something like this without getting permission first and sent off a shit storm. Though I also remember TempoP did it once as well but he got permission so it was all good.) Still I wish them both the best of luck.

      1. The problem with the mexican concert was that they created an illegal vocaloid by hacking the vocaloid engine and using momone the utaus voicebank as the “vocaloid”
        You can find more info if you look up Arisa Mitsuko. 

      2. Check the Official Hatsune Miku Facebook (the one with 515,000 fans) – we are posted and mentioned on there. We’re recognized by CFM, if that’s the question. Regarding pricing – this was for the cost of the theater and for union workers under contract to run the show. I have a team/staff of about 20 people running the show and many are professionals. Vocalekt Visions concert is a non profit organization. I certainly don’t make money off the ticket sales.

        Regardless, the show was a success! Thanks Vocaloidism for covering it!

        Be sure to check out the full footage when it comes out on 39diymmdconcert’s Youtube Channel! It’s THE BEST fan based concert the the western world has ever seen to date.

        1. The songs all really sound like rip-offs of daniwellp (like neko mimi switch) I know a group of about 30-50 people planning on going (We were in a huge vocaloid fanclub thing) but when we heard the songs, we knew right away they were rip-offs of daniwell’s songs. So we are all boycotting it. Really, you should get a better composer…

          1. Um… I can assure you that these two guys compose the music themselves. Don’t go making assumptions when you don’t have all the facts. False accusations really hurt, you know, especially since Vocalekt Visions works so hard on their songs. That was just a really rude thing to say; if you made these assumptions and decided not to go, it’s your own choice, but did you have to go and make these hardworking and dedicated people feel bad?

    2. Eh, that’s a sign Vocaloid is gaining ground, we already had the fantards and now the Troll are quickly following 😀

  2. I wish other vocaloids would have more concerts instead of just the cryptonloids all the time… I know they’ve had concerts before but Miku, Len, Rin, and Luka are the only 4 to have a consistant concert thing thats not just part of some convention somewhere (my English… sorry)

  3. LemonIcebar is a complete rip off of neko-mimi switch. in fact, all of his songs sound like daniwellp songs…

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