New Album From Vocalekt Visions Now Available Digitally

VOCALOID production group Vocalekt Visions released their new album titled Vocalekt Visions Vocaloid Vacation (V4) at their FanimeCon event as well as digitally through CDBaby (and thus it is available on iTunes, Amazon MP3, etc. as well). The album contains thirteen songs, including variations of the four songs on their previous mini-album, Tuned in the West. A promotional video for the new album touts the number of different sound banks used as well as remastered sound. Furthermore, many songs have been used in previous concerts by both Vocalekt Visions and Re:VB. For those who couldn’t attend the concert, highlights of the concert have been uploaded as well.

18 thoughts on “New Album From Vocalekt Visions Now Available Digitally”

  1. Haha you’re quick to update hightrance, I was about to inform Vism of Shinji’s upload in the Chatbox and I see you already have mentionned this in this article about VV’s new album; one stone two birds.
    I am really impressed by the improvement they did for this last concert. Speaking of the album, I just bough that yesterday and can’t comment yet.

    1. Thank you Samuel for your support!
      I’m glad people are paying attention to our growth. Although we still have a ways to go to become the next Sega or any chart topping producer, we try hard to bring fans enjoyment and fun through our music and shows. At least somebody is watching!

      1.  Oh wow, look at that! It’s Tempo, someone who is literally half of the group this article is about.

        Dear Tempo. Where’s the crossfade demo?

    1. Yes, I HATE THEM TOO! They are having so many voice banks! First I was doubting them that they are using counterfeit software, but then, they prooved that they actually have them all! I HATE THEM for that!
      Also… why they are not making mainstream songs? Like Super Junior, or Justin Bieber? Why they have the freedom to make their own complex style, that is not for us, the average listeners? And I hate especially neutrinoP because he is avoiding to use softsynth! It’s modern era, who uses real instruments nowadays? And actually, who cares?
      I hate them also because they have the support and collaboration from all the heads of Vocaloid industry!
      And because I hate them so much, I bought a copy of their album………….

      1.  Oh please I own 4 times as many voice banks that I paid for, please they are garage you clearly don’t know what good music is, a producer who cant even pronounce Luka’s name correctly , or says Kagamine TWINS, when they are not twins( confirmed by Itoh himself) is Class A garbage.

        1. And I suppose you know what good music means, huh? LOL
          Well.. in this case I will make a good use of my engrish, and agree-disagree at some point with you. I’m pretty sure they will NEVER use your mainstream “good music”. Because they will NEVER try to copy that. Their style is unique, and that seems to bug you really hard. I’ve already heard their new production btw… I can tell that I’m feeling myself what are they dealing with right now.
          So my advice is this: Troll as much as you please, it will rise their popularity anyways. And if you really care about them so much, buy their album, support them. You will never know what they are coming up with. They are the first ones in the west capable to show to the public some good stuff in matter of Virtual Diva. I bet you can’t do that. Can’t be first, since they are, and they always will be. They were writing Vocaloid History from the moment they started to collaborate. And even if one of them is dying literally as we speak, you will not care. But I DO! And the best thing I can do is to buy their album, help them to achieve a new level, and also help the one of them to fulfill his LAST WISH: World Vocaloid, where all those in love with vocaloid will be able to participate and see their Divas on stages everywhere.
          Is this important to you?

          1.  ok ok, but the major probably is that manku spokesperson he needs to get fired. he is a waste of space.

  2. Thank you for the support, here is the Crossfade Demo requested   O(≧∇≦)O

    And also, thank you for your hate, especially @One , your hate made my day! hahaha 

  3. You should fire the Manku spokesperson he is horrible. Very stupid and limited in knowledge. 

    1. Errmmmm… show us your tuning and I will make sure that it will be heard by Vocalekt Visions. It sounds like you know everything about Vocaloid and stuff. Proove it! And also, proove that you are not using counterfeit software! We, the fans, would appreciate that.

      1.  would you link me to link you to a picture of all my boxes of my software?
        Cause I got nothing to hide

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