VOCALOID CHINA PROJECT Promotional Video 1 Online

The full 3+ minute version of the first promotional video for VOCALOID CHINA PROJECT is now viewable from the official website. The animated video tells the story of how Luo Tianyi begins her voyage, although no dialogue audio is present. An intermission features a short singing clip utilizing the Chinese VOCALOID sound bank and the video ends with a “to be continued”, indicating that more promotional videos may be on its way, telling the rest of the story. A brief shot of Yuezheng Ling is shown at the end, while Lily, SeeU, CUL, GUMI, IA, Yuzuki Yukari, Tone Rion, Akikoloid, Mew, Aoki Lapis, galaco and Gackpoid all technically make a cameo appearance along with a leek.

UPDATE: Product page is now up with two versions of the sound bank — a regular edition for 980 CNY and a limited edition first press release at 1480 CNY with extra goodies including a figure. The page also has a 30 second song demo, of which a 2 minute version is also available.

30 thoughts on “VOCALOID CHINA PROJECT Promotional Video 1 Online”

  1. Interesting thing to note that only the Japanese VOCALOIDs appeared, hopefully she gets te rumored Japanese voicebank.

  2. Ah at last we hear this voicebank. I’m not very impressed, but it is a too short extract to assess her voice.

    Obviously Crypton is not in the loop while the China Vocaloid Project obviously got the approval of all the other Japanese Vocaloid makers (to the extend they’re credited at the end of the PV for an half second blury appearance of their characters).

    This absence of the Cryptonloids makes me wonder if Crypton is not intending to attack the Chinese market on their own with Miku, we know that Solpie is working for them and that Itoh already mentionned that Miku may have a Chinese Voicebank (poor Saki, she’s probably chained in their basement if it’s the case).

    1. The reason why is because it’s all Japanese V3 released banks plus an upcoming Gakupo V3 (extend was it?) and Crypton has yet to release one vocaloid in V3.

      1. Humm Crypton clearly stated that all their new releases are planned on V3, and I think Kaito & Miku will be released before Gakupo (did InternetCo gave a release date for Gakupo Extend ?)

        Anyway V2/V3 does not have much sense in regard to the purpose of these cameo appearance. It is obvious that if you want to symbolically represent that Luo is going to join a Vocaloid world, you would use the most famous Vocaloid characters around. I see the leek has an even more obvious clue that Crypton did not give them their approval for the use of Miku.
        Now I’m quite surprised that a Chinese company is so concerned about copyright and actually asked for the right to use these characters, esp. since they’ve done it in a fair way. Maybe VCP also have some plans to release Luo in Japan and do not want to have legal issues there (or worse a backlash from the Japanese community) ?

        1. CFM do not want their Vocaloids to apepar in anime format, since they prefer their vocaloids to be free of such a thing so the fans have more freedo.  This may be the reason also, w don’t know though.  Considering CFM have made no appearance yet in V3, it soon tops up.

  3. God dammit China, what are you doing!? Your Vocaloid’s reputation hangs on her VOICE, not your damn animation!

    1. So what if they want to try a new marketing technique in VOCALOID? I think it’s nice and her voice is also nice.

  4. What the heck. 3 minutes watching a stupid animation. The story/her bio is even worse than Tone Rion’s bio. I agree with bxr. Vocaloid CHINA, what are you thinking? I’m losing interest in her more and more. Her voice doesn’t please me. Too “cute” sounding.

  5.  Why did that seem longer than it should? Her character is so awkward, her visuals though looks nice—and her vocals towards the end were off putting—she sounds like an electronic frog. We’ve got enough of those, really. Her pronunciation isn’t all that special :

    I wanted some along the lines of the bubblegum pop sounding Chinese/traditional folksy—the Chinese have FANTASTIC songs in the latter category.

    The direction they took, if they stay vague about many things, can be refreshing(the anime trailer story.) But it really takes away from her “vocals” mainly existence, so far.

    1. So companies can’t try new ways of marketing for VOCALOIDs? People seem to like the video, so do I. Also apparently she’s very understandable to people who speak Chinese. I think she sounds smooth, I heard no electronic/robotness on her voice. One more thing, it’s best to keep in mind that they’re are no voicetypes like this for the Chinese VOCALOIDs since she’s the first one, the companies aren’t wanting to please us, they want to appease those who live in China, this is a new voice-type for them since they never had one to begin with and not to mention the high, cutesy voice is the most popular. Keep in mind they’re trying to make Luo Tian Yi as popular as possible.

      1.  I never implied not trying anything “new”, I’ve said it’s “refreshing”, actually :0

        As for her pronunciation, it’s understandable in a sense that Sonika is understandable to the English speaking community, but only marginally so. The voice type is NEW for that language, I’ve certainly NEVER heard of anyone singing like that in Chinese. But I still stand by the “electric frog” comment. Maybe if the song was worked on a bit more? (´∇`)???

        It is a pioneering voicebank, so some credit, I guess. And it IS marketed towards the Chinese, you are most right. I concede to that point! xD

        She is a step in the door to the two(?) other possibly accompanying male Chinese banks—THOSE I am looking forward to, though! (*ノ▽ノ)…

        1. Most of the Chinese fandom agrees that she’s understandable, I still don’t hear the electronic frog but whatever, we all have different opinions~

          1.  Oro? My mom’s side is VERY traditional, maybe that is why, they are the ones I was listening(to this) with. They do speak Chinese—more than one dialect, even. Maybe it might not be the same description as you would put it, uhm electronic-sounding? ; A; )

        2. -__-

          I would like to say that, unless you speak chinese, you cant really juge correctly her pronunciation.  :T

          I think her voice is cute, like in the same voice type as aoki lapis but I am also looking more forward to mature voicebanks 🙂

          But meh, I’m sure everyone have very different opinions on Luo 🙂

          1.  YES. As a matter of fact, I can judge it. ; A; )
            /shoots obvious
            but it’s really more so my family that speaks it, I just knows tidbits.

            I’m waiting for the supposedly mature male voicebank (if we are to believe the elder male will have an mature voice type)

      1. She is waaayyy smoother then Oliver. She not exactly the most unique but she is still a lot higher quality then even some of the best engloids.

        1. But do you speak Chinese or Japanese? How do you know if they pronounce their words more smoothly than English Vocaloids? :/

          English is also a much more complicated language, several thousand more sounds have to be recorded to create an English Vocaloid than a Japanese Vocaloid. Not to mention the amount of accents make it the most variable language in existence. 

        2. There is a difference between smoothness and pronunciation. Oliver has a smooth voice, but it sounds slurred simply because of the way the English language translates into the VOCALOID engine.

    1. I’ve alfriad your wrong, but you are against anything that might taint your views of Vocaloid so I’ll leave it at that.  There is a lot less smoothness then you think, but consider your a “anti-engloid” troll yourself, this will never resolve and you will continue to follow your own beliefs. 

      Best to ignore you and let you pretend your world and word is bothtrue.  ^_-

      Even if I showed you a English Vocaloid singing better then a Japanese Vocaloid, you would not believe it so, that much everyone realised a long time ago.

      Its still funny to take you on a ride though. 🙂

  6. I really don’t see why the leek was necessary… but that’s just me. 
    I’m actually hoping that in these animations they feature that “red chinese Miku” that’s been causing a fuss, why? I don’t know… I just would like to see it

  7. I speak Chinese, and this vocaloid’s pronounciation is pretty good! It’s understandable, at least. ^^ Though, regarding it’s voice…. Don’t we have enough high-pitched vocaloids? D: Not that the voice isn’t nice, but it seems that most the new Vocaloid 3’s all have pretty similar voices. And most are high-pitched (not saying ALL, but most)… Although, I’m glad for a Vocaloid that I can understand, haha, because I don’t speak Japanese (I’m trying to learn though! :D) and a lot of the English vocaloids are somewhat hard to understand. ^^

    1. Actually, to add to that: her voice has a little bit of a accent, which makes it hard to understand at times. It’s still understandable (as I have said before) but it’s kind of understandable like how an English vocaloid is “understandable”. It’s pretty sufficient. ^^

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