VOCALOID3 Gackpoid Slated For July 13 Release

The official product page for INTERNET’s VOCALOID3 update to Gackpoid is now up, indicating a release date of July 13, 2012. The release comes in three flavors — NATIVE (an update to the original VOCALOID2 Gackpoid sound bank), POWER and WHISPER, and customers can also purchase a COMPLETE pack that includes all three sound banks. Two demo songs are available — SIGNPOST, which demonstrates the NATIVE sound bank, and NEVER, which demonstrates both the WHISPER and POWER sound banks. Preorders of the hard copy version will also receive a postcard sized plastic sheet protector featuring art for the particular sound bank (or all 3 for purchasers of the COMPLETE version). Furthermore, those who preorder the POWER or COMPLETE hard copy version would also receive sample song data for Episode.0, with .vsqx tuning by KannazukiP. The hard copy versions for each sound bank come in at 13650 JPY (tax included) or 19950 JPY (tax included) for the starter pack bundle that also comes with VOCALOID3 Editor. The COMPLETE edition is 26250 JPY for the hard copy, 31290 JPY for the hard copy starter pack and 21000 JPY for the download version. The download versions are 20% off but do not offer starter pack bundles.

10 thoughts on “VOCALOID3 Gackpoid Slated For July 13 Release”

  1. So far, I haven’t heard a single Power Append and Extend that I did not like.  No exception here for Gakupo either.  I really enjoyed his Power Extend.  It’s more appealing to me than his Native and I really tend not to care about male vocals.  Whisper sounds strange, however.  The soft windy-like whisper effect is kind of ruined by the noticeable robotic artifacts.  Native sounds fine, just a smoother version of his original voice.

  2. Great! Finally a V3 male vocaloid in japanase! 😀
    (even when Gackpoid is a not new vocaloid)
    So bad he only has power and whisper :/, Gumi has 4 voicebanks in her extended version u_u,
    but of course: Gackpoid V3 is not an extended,…

    (oh,and I just want to express that Gackupo looks really girly in those new images of him in the boxart specially in the whisper one xD, just a detail, but he is the only japanase V3 vocaloid, I would like to see him in a more male design :P)

  3. I think instead of whisper, they should have worked more on the power and native voicebanks.
    This also seems to be a problem for Gumi, you can’t really hear the difference with the native or power voicebanks.

    1.  I hear a difference between Power and Native perfectly fine with Gakupo. Native sounds like V2 Gakupo and Power sounds like Gackt. [shrug] With Gumi, it really depends on the song. At first, I couldn’t tell the difference, but then I noticed that with softer songs, the difference between Power and Native is clear because it sounds like Gumi is shouting unnecessarily with Power.

  4. for members of GACKT’s DEARs club Gakupo is already available. apparently though there is some sort of fee for joining that club. 

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