English Version of GUMI is in the Works

In time for GUMI’s birthday, head of INTERNET Co., Ltd. Noboru Murakami made some tweets referring to a project to bring out an English version of Megpoid. The first tweet thanked everyone for the birthday wishes and mentioned all the support she had received in the form of songs, illustrations, videos and cosplay outfits. It then stated that a project to bring out an English version had just started a few days ago and asked for everyone’s support for GUMI’s 4th year. The second tweet mentioned a feeling that there will be more substantial character goods down the line and hoped that it would be true. It then stated that since the English version Megpoid project had just started, it would take some time and that he would do his best on it.

5 thoughts on “English Version of GUMI is in the Works”

  1. This is interesting, but I’m not a particular fan of GUMI. It’d be weird if I loved her English voice since I’m not too fond of her JP voice.

    With all this news of English voicebanks, do these companies plan to release them in the U.S. (and other English-speaking countries maybe)?

    1. Doubtful the english vocaloids failed miserably here in the US because English speakers realized that the vocaloid engine kind of sucks at mimicking english so it will probably only stay in Japan as an add on like with Luka. We will probably never get a good english vocaloid.

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