Demo Song Posted for galaco

A demo song for galaco’s beta voice bank has now been added to Nico Nico Douga and YouTube. The short video features an animation of galaco with a megaphone along with a short clip of her singing a cover of Kou Shibasaki’s latest single, ANOTHER:WORLD. INTERNET’s Noboru Murakami did the tuning for this song. The original short PV of this song (including the same animation) is available on YouTube as well. According to the video description, the voice bank has a tentative August release. Unlike most VOCALOID voice banks, this voice bank will not be available commercially; instead, it will be given away to creators participating in the VOCALOID3 Music Contest if they reach 1000 views on a video entry. More information will be available in July for those who qualified, as the deadline for this contest is the end of this month.

13 thoughts on “Demo Song Posted for galaco”

  1. She seems emotionless in this demo doesn’t she. I’m more impressed with the PV than the voice.

  2. Mm yes, she does seem to have a rather flat voice, even for a Vocaloid. Oh well, maybe its just how she is tuned.

  3. I’m not really excited about her voice, looks like every company wants to have their own teenage vocaloid girl, I’m tired of them. u_u
    And about the video, the PV is pretty cool, but she looks to much chibi for that mature voice.

    1. Yea sorry I was lying but great video! As I said I’m really joyful that she did not get deleted, all I can say is that they need to work on her voice more because it sounds flat. Ruka Miki and dizzyzebra were right.

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