SEGA Sends Out Open Call for Dancers in DIVA f Commercial

According to a new post on the Project DIVA blog, SEGA is looking for fans to participate in the filming of a television commercial for their upcoming rhythm game, Hatsune Miku -Project DIVA- f. More specifically, on July 24, they want to film a huge crowd all doing the same dance moves to the song kz and 8#Prince made for the game, Weekender Girl. A mirrored video of the dance motions has been posted on both Nico and YouTube, and a separate description video is available as well. They wish to enlist the help of approximately 150 dancers, but if there are too many interested fans, then they will draw lots to see who gets to partake in the filming. In other news, fifteen-minute mini concerts consisting of Weekender Girl, ODDS & ENDS and Time Machine will be held twice a day in Odaiba for one and a half months at the newly renovated Joypolis’s main stage. A 1:1 scale Miku figure and a play-testing station will be there as well. Lastly, store-specific preorder bonuses have been revealed on the blog as well.

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