Website Accepting Birthday Messages for Miku

Starting now, visitors can send a birthday message to Miku for the fifth anniversary of her sound bank’s release on a specially crafted site. The HTML5 site is a bit broken in Safari but works fine in Chrome and Firefox. Originally, the site used to be a teaser site with a link to Mitchie M’s birthday song for Miku (also available on YouTube) and the videos linked back to the site. Furthermore, the site’s background image was a calendar with August 8 circled, along with an arrow pointing towards a circled August 31 (Miku’s release date).

11 thoughts on “Website Accepting Birthday Messages for Miku”

  1. I can’t really figure out what it is that site is doing but it doesn’t get along with my browser (firefox) very well. I can’t even see the message I type.

  2. I’m curious what will be done with the messages. It even appears they’re accepting entries in English. Hmm.

  3. I sent a message to Miku, hehe. ^^

    But besides of this promos, I want a new product by Crypton T_T, not videogames or concerts, or merchandising! xD

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