Vocanode – a Hub for VOCALOID/UTAU Creativity

Recently, a new website called Vocanode sprouted up, offering to be a hub for creative VOCALOID/UTAU works outside Japan. While the website also hosts images and audio, the majority of the site is a directory of videos added by their original creators. Registration on the website automatically confers the user a channel, and users can add media to their channels, which currently has to be in the form of links to YouTube videos. Most videos are of either original or cover songs made using either VOCALOID, UTAU or some combination thereof. Metadata for videos is more customized for the community and users can add videos to albums, playlists, etc. Help for the website is available in a series of YouTube videos linked from the site, and there appears to be a real-time chat feature as well.

One thought on “Vocanode – a Hub for VOCALOID/UTAU Creativity”

  1. Interesting service. I guess it has future.

    Though… orthographic mistakes in Terms of Service… that’s not serious! “that” w/o leading ‘t’, “future” w/o ‘e’ and more.

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