Music Girl Hatsune Miku Now Available

The music-listening companion iOS app Music Girl Hatsune Miku is now live on the Japanese iTunes App Store. The app features Miku, who bops to songs you play from your music library. The animation was made by MARZA ANIMATION PLANET, who also worked on Project DIVA and Project DIVA 2nd. Listening to songs helps level up Miku, and her affection for the user goes up if the user manages to do things like answer her quiz questions correctly. The basic app is free (and thus only a Japanese iTunes account is required and not a Japanese credit card or iTunes points), but extra outfits are in-app purchases. Currently, a “Spring Wind” outfit set is available for 350 JPY, with “Summer Wind” and “Fall Wind” costumes planned for future release.

6 thoughts on “Music Girl Hatsune Miku Now Available”

  1. Oh, I want this app so much! (to show my friends how mcuh cool Miku is XD)
    There is no other web to download it?
    Well, I know that it’s still new, but maybe soon,…

  2. I wish apple didn’t have to keep the appstores separate for every nationality… I can sort of understand why though. I wonder how difficult it is to get your app available in other countries? Or does that cost more money?

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