MASATAKA Crowd Sourcing Frames for PV

According to a post on his website, MASATAKA is recruiting fans to help him draw his next Miku PV. What he wants is for fans to convert a total of 120 frames from a MikuMikuDance animation to drawn art. After submitting a handle name, email address (email addresses might be revealed to other fans because of mail headers, so MASATAKA recommends using a throw-away email address if you’re concerned about privacy) and optional question via the entry form, interested fans will then receive an email with more details and a randomly-picked 1920×1080 image which he/she will need to redraw and submit as a 1920×1080 transparent PNG. After all 120 frames are finished, they will then be stitched together into a 12 second animation segment for an upcoming PV that will be uploaded on Nico Nico Douga and used elsewhere, including commercially. Depending on response, the total number of frames may be revised as well. As of around 30 minutes ago, he has already gotten 90 applicants.

UPDATE: He has gotten 120 applicants now and decided to raise the total to 204 frames.

MASATAKA goes into more detail on the post and answered some questions people have submitted. Basically, for each image, the drawn image needs to match the pose, size, angle, etc. of the original MMD reference image. He’d also like for the proportions to remain the same as the reference image, but says that it’s okay if the artist really thinks “Miku should look like this!” and draw it that way. There will be times when her lips flap, and he would like for those flaps to be matched if possible, to give Miku the appearance of singing. Traces of the original image would also be allowed. As for credits, since this will be used commercially, the main video can’t really contain credits, including MASATAKA’s name as well. However, for the Nico version, he’s thinking about putting credits in.

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