Bingo on MIKUBOOK for Prizes

In addition to the birthday wishes event, MIKUBOOK will also be holding a bingo event starting at 7PM Pacific time on August 31, 2012. The website will “call” out numbers, with participants clicking numbers on their sheet that have been called. After getting bingo and pushing the bingo button, the participant would win one of the following prizes: a Love is War figure (1st place prize), one of two HSP Miku figures (2nd place prizes), one of two Racing Miku 2011 figma figures (3rd place prizes), one of three Racing Miku BMW Z4 GT3 car models (4th place prizes) and one of three Hatsune Miku tumbler and keychain sets (5th place prizes). Furthermore, all participants would get a “5th Birthday Badge” added to their MIKUBOOK account.

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