Tohoku Zunko VOICEROID+ Software Gets Release Date

According to a press release from AH-Soft, makers of several VOCALOID sound banks and the VOICEROID line of speech synthesis programs, the VOICEROID+ software package for Tohoku Zunko will go on sale on September 28. She was originally created to help promote the recovery of the Tohoku region and her character is based on zundamochi, which is a traditional sweet in the Tohoku region made from green soybean paste. After registering with the parent company, companies in the Tohoku region can use her character freely in advertisements and such. Derivative doujin works are also allowed. Zunko’s VOICEROID+ is voiced by Satou Satomi (voice of Tainaka Ritsu from K-ON!), and the software itself has been upgraded compared to previous VOICEROID+ programs, with improvements to the UI, the ability to adjust strength of intonation, the ability to insert pauses directly into the tuning screen, and the ability to directly use ruby pronunciation markers in the text. Furthermore it can now read up to 4x speed and can output 22.1kHz sample-rate audio files. An exVOICE pack of samples is also included, which consist of her saying some specific lines as well as place names, etc. The software is available for preorder right now and is 8980 JPY on the AHS Store with a 1000 JPY discount for repeat customers. Voice samples can be found on the official website.

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