YAMAHA Announces Oct 19 Release for VY2V3 and VocaListener

According to two new press releases from YAMAHA, release dates and pricing have been seen for VY2V3 as well as VocaListener. VY2V3 is an update of the VY2 male VOCALOID2 soundbank to the VOCALOID3 engine; additional recordings were made to improve the quality of the voice, and the product actually comes with two separate sound banks: a “Standard” sound bank as well as a “Falsetto” sound bank. VY2V3 is set to be released on October 19, with the standalone version priced at 9800 JPY and the Starter Pack at 17800 JPY. VocaListener is a software system that automatically tunes the VOCALOID synthesis engine to mimic a particular vocal recording, following the nuances of the original singer. It has been in development as a VOCALOID3 Job Plugin and has now received a release date of October 19 at a price point of 19800 JPY. In addition to automatically performing parameter adjustments, the plugin also allows the user to manually make tweaks as well.

12 thoughts on “YAMAHA Announces Oct 19 Release for VY2V3 and VocaListener”

  1. They better make a VY1 falsetto voicebank. Anyways glad to hear VOCALOID is finally recording pitches. Also VocaListener is so awesome, hopefully now a bunch of popular producers buy it and use it.

  2. I do hope that people really read through this carefully and make note that Vocalistner isn’t some godsend that will make a vocaloid sound instantly beautiful since it states “mimic a particular vocal recording, following the nuances of the original singer.” So that means if you are not a good singer you can expect there to be just as many faults that will need to be edited out by hand if you were to try to tune them without the plugin. (Though I do hope that the english vocaloids can’t be used with this because of the dipthong glitches that most of them have that would kill any song done with this.)

    1. A little update and a very good one at that. Yamaha annonced on the Vocalistner product page that Vocalistner will not be usable by the English vocaloids. It will be a Japanese exclusive plugin so that no westerners can use it on the engloids. Thank god we don’t have to have english vocaloids won’t have anymore spotlight on there awful awful programing and we can focus on the good vocaloids.

  3. Cool!, I’m not an user of the software so, even if VocaListener is great, I don’t really understand how it works xD, but sounds cool!, a new tool for producers, I hope the will help to make new awesome songs, especially now with VY2V3! :D, I’m excited about his release, the “falsetto” vocie bank sounds interesting. 😮

  4. I wonder why no company has thought to include falsetto voicebanks before VY2V3 in the first place? They add more realism. I’ve seen an UTAU recorded with a falsetto voicebank and it works wonders with realism/expression (aside from the already electronic sounds of UTAU).

      1. It seems the difference here with VY2V3 is that the second voice library is sampled entirely in falsetto. For Iroha, I can’t guess how AHS implemented falsetto into the library, just that I read you can access them with a certain type of notation in the editor. Not sure if the result really is true falsetto or just approximated through clever programing within the Vocaloid 2 engine.

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