SEGA Announces Hatsune Miku Live Stage Producer

Coinciding with the start of Tokyo Game Show 2012, the website for SEGA’s upcoming autumn smartphone game release Hatsune Miku Live Stage Producer is now live. The game targets “iPhone 4 and above” as well as Android OS 2.3 and above, although some devices may not be supported. Live Stage Producer will be a free download, although premium items will be available through purchases. The single-player game, advertised with a slogan “be Hatsune Miku’s producer in your very own way, whenever, wherever!”, lets the player run a live event stage and hold special Miku performances with customizable outfits. Furthermore, the game allows the producer to select Miku’s training regimen, whether it is to improve her singing ability, dancing ability or MC-ing ability. Then, by entering contests and winning, the player can obtain more modules and accessories. Furthermore, by registering an email address now on the website during Tokyo Game Show, interested players would be eligible to obtain a Miku Append outfit when the game comes out.

13 thoughts on “SEGA Announces Hatsune Miku Live Stage Producer”

    1. Crypton just manages the VBs, they licensed the games to SEGA…. So Crypton really has little to do w/ the games besides the fact that their name is on it. (And you know Crypton is working on MEIKO Append, KAITO Append, Miku English, and MEIKO and KAITO’s English Vbs?

  1. I have just registered an e-mail subscription on SEGA’s site for this game! Just waiting,… yeah, just waiting…!

  2. it’s likely that the inner game has nothing to do with the background video,so can I pass the video after several sights on that

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