GUMI to Get Her Own Rhythm Game?

The current rumor floating around (all seemingly sourced from one particular site) is that on Thursday, video game magazine(s) will announce details on an upcoming PSP rhythm game featuring GUMI called megpoid the Music#. If the leaked information is correct, the game will come out this spring for 6090 JPY, with a limited edition slated at 9429 JPY. Featured songs will include Ame ga Futte., Koi wa Kitto Kyuujoushou*, KiLLER LADY and Megu Megu*Fire Endless Night. The cited publisher, パラフレ, appears to be a puzzle to everyone.

3 thoughts on “GUMI to Get Her Own Rhythm Game?”

  1. This was bound to happen. At the current popularity trends, the third Vocaloid to get their own rhythm game is probably going to be IA.

  2. Huhu, there’s life again on Vism 🙂 I should check this blog more often, obviously you had the news before anyone else. And yes it’s not anymore a rumor, Famitsu Mag did announce this game.
    I really like this, it shows that more Vocaloid are following Miku and if the game sells well, we may have a professional concert with Gumi too.

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