Famitsu Confirms Megpoid the music#

Japanese gaming magazine Famitsu has now confirmed that the rhythm/action game Megpoid the music# (the last character is pronounced ‘sharp’) will indeed have a planned release in spring of next year on the PSP platform by little-known company ParaPhray (パラプレ). In addition to leaked details from earlier, the article adds a few more details as well as screenshots of the game. It states that the game will include many songs which have reached over 100,000 views on niconico, including one song that has garnered over 4.8 million views. On niconico, only two songs seem to fit that description, DECO*27’s Mozaik Role currently with over 5.1 million views and Hachi’s Matryoshka currently with over 6 million views, although the latter is a duet with Miku and GUMI. According to the print article, the rhythm game allows up to four players to play at the same time, helping each other clear difficult songs. In addition to the rhythm game component, the game will also have a “GUMI room” whose decorations can be customized by the player. In this section of the game, the player can also dress GUMI up in various earned outfits (over 40 or so) as well as view artwork and promotional videos. Artwork is said to feature the talents of Nou and Ryugu Tsukasa (also known as Manbou’s older sister). GUMI’s room also features a diary, which gets updated as various conditions are cleared in the game.

UPDATE: An official website is slated to open on Oct 18.

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