MIKUBOOK Bingo Results Nullified, Raffle Being Held Instead

The MIKUBOOK staff have issued an apology about MIKU BINGO again, stating that they will not use the results of the bingo in order to keep it fair for everyone. The second run at the bingo was fraught with server overloads, and the winning numbers were actually available before the bingo game started. As consolation, they are holding a new drawing for the following prizes: 1x Love is War Figure, 1x Set of Concert goods, 2x HSP Miku Figure, 2x Racing Miku figure, 3x Racing Miku car model, 3x Nendoroid, 3x Miku tumbler and key chain and 15x phone strap charms featuring various VOCALOID characters. Those interested need a MIKUBOOK account and can select one of the prizes to win. Entries close on October 26. In addition, the site is also offering downloads of a wallpaper in various sizes, illustrated by KEI, Miku’s character designer.

2 thoughts on “MIKUBOOK Bingo Results Nullified, Raffle Being Held Instead”

  1. Hm. Too bad we only get to enter the drawing for one of the prizes. I’m guessing most people will be going for the Love is War figure.

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