Miku and UK

A few things came up recently regarding Hatsune Miku and the UK. First, Crypton CEO Hiroyuki Itoh was interviewed by J-POP GO. Although, halfway through, it ended up being Itoh asking questions of the interviewer. In the interview, Itoh mentioned that he knew about the whole Top Tens unofficial poll where Miku grasped number one. He also stated a desire to see a concert in the UK, but noted that having Hatsune Miku sing at a concert costs more than a human singer and that they are working on better technology to lower the costs involved. Itoh was in the UK to give talks in both London and Edinburgh.

Meanwhile, the fans working hard on their own Miku concert in the UK have decided to hold a live rehearsal of their performance at SunnyCon next March. Currently, the Miku-UK Project has uploaded some teasers onto YouTube, including some band practice clips. A trailer is also on the way.

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