English KAITO and Miku Demonstrated at NYCC

According to various sources on the net, Crypton Future Media demonstrated several demos of their upcoming VOCALOID soundbanks at their NYCC panel, given by Crypton director for global development Kanae Muraki and Mikumentary director Tara Knight. The VOCALOID3 version of KAITO will feature three Japanese voice banks (which include a normal voice bank and whisper voice bank) and one English voice bank, with a release for “hopefully end of this year or beginning of next year.” The standard VOCALOID3 KAITO voice was demonstrated with a song called Kogane no Ha ga Mau Koro ni by ShigotoshiteP and the whisper sound bank was demonstrated with WandaraP’s Karakuridokei to Koi no Hanashi (previously demonstrated by Crypton last year). English KAITO was revealed with a somewhat high-pitched English cover of Makihara Noriyuki’s Donna Toki mo, titled “Lately Whenever” for the English version. Apparently both KAITO and his voice provider Fuuga Naoto had covered the Japanese version of the song before. Afterwards, Muraki also agreed with the audience that he did indeed sound too high pitched. Furthermore, a beta Miku English version of VocaliodP’s 1/6 was played as well (with markedly different pronunciation than the English version made using the Japanese sound bank, which was released on a 2011 doujin album and also played at Anime Expo this year), with a full release of the voice bank aimed for spring of next year. According to Twitter user @RamuneAmai, a new trailer for Mikumentary was shown; Mikumentary will be a series of 10-12 short documentary films, with the first two scheduled for a December release and one film every month thereafter.

16 thoughts on “English KAITO and Miku Demonstrated at NYCC”

  1. Although I think their voices could have been sung a bit lower, I’m actually satisfied with how the demos turned out. I really can’t wait for Miku and Kaito’s debut in 2013! 🙂

  2. Finally some news by Crypton! 😮
    I really want Kaito V3 to be released, and I still have some hopes on Englsih Miku, but what I really want still is a new voice! 😛 the next male vocal!

    1. Oh, they do have plans for their other Vocaloids. Meiko and the Kagamine Twins are getting English voicebanks and Luka’s getting an Append. After that, there’s their mysterious Vocaloid, CV-04…

          1. I mean your comment about their plans. What’s the source on that? (The Wikia seems to claim it, but it has no source either)

          2. I tried looking for a source confirming Wikia’s claim, but I just can’t find it…Maybe the Vocaloid Wiki assumed that the Kagamines would be getting their English voicebanks?

        1. Wataru Sasaki tweeted that in reply to a direct question. he confirmed for sure they were going V3 and according to a couple of Japanese fluent people who translated for me he included English banks because that was part of the question he was replying to.

          1. Do you have a link to the tweet in question?
            EDIT: Nevermind, your link got caught by the spam filter.

          1. Probably because of this link:
            Reading through this tweet… The original person asked whether they
            would consider an English version or a VOCALOID3 version for Rin and
            Len, since their names weren’t mentioned (in some previous tweet?), and
            Sasaki replied that as for considering an upgrade to Rin and Len,
            everything’s an option.

            It does not sound like they are planning to do so at this stage, merely
            that the option is on the table.

      1. Actually the Kagamine’s ARE getting a english bank, however, editors forgot to add the source. sometimes they do things on the quick and have to add them later, with consquences. Its a clumsey way of working, but editors have lives too.

  3. Now I’m just awaiting announcements for Meiko and Luka, but mostly Luka. I’d love a new English voicebank for Luka.

    1. Well Ms Asakawa (Luka’s Seiyu) hinted at some big announcements next year even if Ms Kanae did not mention it. so there is hope. probably Ms Kanae told her something privately because Ms Asakawa has been very interested in how Luka was progressing herself. that’s probably the “Crypton secret agents” she quipped about.

  4. eeeeeehhhhh…..not exactly digging the english banks. (But Engllish and Vocaloid have never been very high quality so I’m not surprised)

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