Megpoid the Music# Official Site Open

The official website for the upcoming rhythm game Megpoid the Music# is now up with preliminary information about the game. In addition to information published in Famitsu, the website gives a list of participating VOCALOID producers and illustrators. The multi-player aspect of the game apparently involves networking multiple consoles together, and the hint about the “big hit” song to be featured in the game has been updated to “over 5 million views” on niconico from the previous “4.8 million views”. The ability to have conversations with GUMI was also highlighted as a key feature in addition to the number of famous creators involved and the two styles of play.

While the song list hasn’t been updated beyond the four confirmed ones, the participating creator list has been updated:

2 thoughts on “Megpoid the Music# Official Site Open”

  1. What’s interesting here is that they’re crediting dancers from the community, I think it has not been done before (Maybe SEGA was relying on professionnal dancers for their own mocap ?)

    1. I think SEGA has credited dancers before, since the dancers for some of the PVs/performances seem to be known. However, I don’t think they’ve done it to this degree. The cynic in me says that they put in all those credits to have the added benefit of making their product sound nicer “with all these famous people”.

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