VOCALOID3 MAYU Appears on Retailer Websites

Product listings for “VOCALOID(TM)3 Library MAYU” (item number QWCE-264 and distributed by Pony Canyon) from EXIT TUNES has started appearing on various online retailers’ websites. MAYU is a VOCALOID3 sound bank under development by EXIT TUNES, and the character is supposed to be a yandere middle school girl. The item has a list price of 11500 JPY and is slated for a December 5, 2012 release. The product description indicates that this will be the MAYU sound bank in addition to 2 music CDs, containing a total of 30 songs from artists including 164, Another Infinity, azuma, buzzG, cosMo and daniwellP. Bonus goodies include a mouse pad and a strap, each having one of six different designs. Furthermore, the current issue of exit tunes magazine includes an offer to receive a trial version of MAYU in the mail by sending in a post card. Trial version CDs are expected to be mailed out starting November or later.

UPDATE: The official site has been updated with information about the release.

The official website posted a promotional video for MAYU that shows off some of the songs that will be on the CDs, the artist list and the goods. The second half of the video is a recording of the EXIT TUNES ACADEMY event earlier this May where MAYU was first announced. Also on the official website is a picture of all six mousepad and strap designs (one of each item will be included in the release) as well as the box art and packaging.

Finally, the official website unveiled the artist list for the CDs: 164, add9(heriP), Another Infinity, azuma, buzzG, cosMo@BousouP, Daisuke Ohnuma / DaifukuP, daniwellP, Dios/SignalP, Dixie Flatline, DJ UTO, mothy_AkunoP, Nem, Neru, otetsu, Ryu☆, SCL Project(natsuP) [Kodoku no Bannin], YM, yuukiss, asa, Utata-P, Utsu-P, OwataP, Suzumu, ChouchouP, DeadballP, Hitoshizukuxyama△, PinocchioP, fuwariP, mikitoP, and YuchaP.

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