PS3 DIVA F Article in Upcoming Famitsu?

It appears that the website Tales @ Nihongo de ok has again leekedleaked a few tidbits about an upcoming article in Famitsu, this time about the latest Project DIVA game’s PlayStation 3 version, Project DIVA F. According to the writeup, the title will have a capital “F” instead of a lower-case “f”, and six new songs will be added, along with additional modules (costumes) and accessory items. Furthermore, system data and edit data from the Vita can be used with this game, and there’s plans to add a new mode to the game. The scratch moves and the augmented reality features are going to be unique the Vita version, and a different action will replace the scratching for the star-shaped notes.

UPDATE: No confirmation from Famitsu, yet, but the official website is currently up with a teaser. The Project DIVA blog also has a new entry that confirms the following details: only change in title from Vita version is the capital F, scratch and AR mode are Vita-specific features and thus new mechanics (e.g. for scratch) and new game mode(s) will be added, six new songs along with matching outfits will be added, song completion data and edit data can be shared between Vita and PS3, new clothing accessories will be added. Some of these new features were originally planned to be put into the Vita version but weren’t able to due to time constraints. However, they are looking into the possibility of offering some of these things via DLC. No release date has been determined yet, but they hope to release in Spring of 2013.

UPDATE 2: Famitsu article is live now. The current print issue of Famitsu will also feature interviews with seven of the creators involved in the game.

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