Hatsune Miku Live Stage Producer in Open Beta

Title Screen for Hatsune Miku LSP

Hatsune Miku Live Stage Producer (LSP) is a game developed by SEGA for iOS and Android devices. The game is currently available as an open beta in the Google Play Store for now, however is limited to Japanese devices only. As this is a beta, the data may be wiped after the beta period, and cash purchases in-game are disabled. Once released in 2012, the game will be available on iPhone 4+ and Android 2.3+.

UPDATE: The game is now officially online, and an iOS version is also available now on the Japanese iTunes store. Previously, there were some problems downloading the actual iOS app from the store, but those should be resolved. However, claiming bonus prizes (such as the pre-registration Miku Append prize) does not work on iOS and will cause the app to continue to crash until reboot or reinstallation.


This is your Live House with the menu sidebar extended to show what options are available.

  • AP: Action Points that allow you to do things
  • CP: Cash converted to points
  • Missions: Complete tasks to receive gold, unlock items, or receive items
  • Voltage Meter: You can raise this by appealing to the audience, hosting a live, or giving out drinks
  • にんきど: Popularity out of 5 stars
  • ごうかさ: Luxuriousness
  • Contest: Compete with other users based on your stats
  • Live: Perform a live for your audience
  • Training: Train Miku to perform better in contests
  • Interior: Lets you manage your furniture in your live house
  • Staff: Hire staff to help in your live house
  • Shop: Purchase items with CP
  • Friends: Search for friends, or view another producers live house
  • Stats: View your stats and contests you have competed in

If your audience has coins above their head, you can press them to collect money, however they then leave the building. Once you start the game, follow the Missions to gain a free Module and learn how to play the game!


In the Live screen, you can select your song (out of two available currently), your model, and stage. You need at least 10 AP to perform a live.

To increase your “Voltage Meter” you need to catch the hearts of your fans as they fly up from the bottom of the screen. To catch the hearts, you need to touch or swipe the center of them. Hitting a mine will cause your Voltage Meter to decrease and break your combo. The end score is determined by hearts catched, max combo, and the voltage meter.

The Training screen lets you train Miku’s stats to compete in Contests and receive money/AP. Raising one stat will lower the stat opposite of it by the amount increased. Your stats cannot go into the negatives.

Since this is an open beta, once the beta period is over, any bought items will be reset. You get 200CP for free during the beta, and if you log in 3 times, you receive 3 scratch cards once the game goes live. If you login in for 7 days in a row, you receive 5000 gold, and 14 days in a row gives you a 50AP Drink and 1 gold scratch card. If you get to Level 5, you will also receive 3 bandaids, to patch Miku up if she gets hurt during training.

How to access the beta out of region

Note: This method requires that you have your Android device previously rooted

In order to download the application from the Google Play Store, you must change your device location by using Market Enabler (Unknown Source Application install must be enabled) and setting your device code to 44010. Be sure to backup your previous code on the first tab so you will be able to purchase applications for your region in the future. After installing the application, you can revert back to your previous market code by restoring it.

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21 thoughts on “Hatsune Miku Live Stage Producer in Open Beta”

    1. Are you sure you read Pengy’s article ?

      1) There’s a whole paragraph named “How to access the beta out of region”
      2) It runs on ANDROID, not iOS/Apple

      1. -_- it also runs on ios and also android….. are you a miku lover? If yes…. why don’t u know that? Go to hatsune miku live stage producer in her official site.

        1. At the time the article was written and the comment was made, only the Android open beta version was available, however now both versions are available.

  1. Eh I think I’ll skip on this. It is interesting to say the least but I have never really been much of a fan of the Vocaloid games in general. Though the model they used for miku looks really really familiar.

    1. This is a SEGA game, after all. It’s the same Miku model (or slightly reduced polygon version for Android) from the Project Diva games.

          1. which is why I said that I must of skipped it and went straight to what platform it was on. but it doesn’t matter to much because I’m not getting it anyways.

    1. To be honest, you’re not missing too much. While an amusing time
      waster, its not exactly an addicting game. Perhaps as the game matures
      and a lot more content is added, it’ll get better.

  2. Hello! Only tried this game now. But there’s a weird japanese message and I can’t proceed anymore. Do you guys know how to fix this? Thanks in advance!

    1. You cannot play the game offline. the 29MB download is just the core application including the interface media. All the songs and outfits in the 3D part of the game are additional downloads as you actiavet them.

      1. Tnx, by the way i already downloaded the game and on the start up game it loads endlessly 🙁 what to do? TIA

        1. It’s probably not able to contact the servers. You’re not in Japan, right?

          The game has not had any updates, not even the news and information page at the welcome screen, since September 2013.

          1. totally not on Japan, I might end up waiting till open beta comes hoping SEGA will work this game more faster cause bunch of people want to play this game from their phones.
            Anyway Tnx mrquadrant4 :>

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