VOCALOID STORE Shipping Physical Versions Internationally

A recent revamp of the VOCALOID STORE has added physical disc versions of several software offerings to the English and Chinese front ends of the store. As of now, customers who order physical disc versions of the software will be able to have it shipped internationally using EMS. Even though the price listing itself states that shipping is extra, A 2500 JPY shipping fee is included in the price, as stated in the product description; we have also confirmed this with the store over Twitter. The current lineup on the English part of the store for disc copies consists of VOCALOID3 Editor, VY2V3, Aoki Lapis, SeeU, ToneRion, VY1V3 and Mew, in addition to four volumes of the VOCALOID-P data series. The Chinese part appears to have a larger selection (including VOCALOID2 products) of disc offerings, but doesn’t seem to have download offerings.

UPDATE: The store has now removed the “postage not included” labels next to the price.

7 thoughts on “VOCALOID STORE Shipping Physical Versions Internationally”

  1. Now if only the vocaloid store would update their product list on the english side to include all the other vocaloids the Japanese and Chinese side has for sale. Oh well

    1. My guess is that it’s dependent on what the individual companies want, since the store is just a distribution channel. Hence, this is why some products appear on some stores and not others. The Chinese side gets more hard copies but no downloads, etc.

        1. That particular item is sold by a third party: “Sold by Japan Quality Shop and Fulfilled by Amazon. “

          1. ah i see still just doing a simple amazon search will bring up nearly every vocaloid in hardcopy from third party shops that have them (except the english vocaloids but honestly who cares about them).

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