Mikupa in Sapporo 2013 Announced

The official Mikupa website has now added information about Mikupa concerts to be held early February in Sapporo. There will be a total of four showings held at the Sapporo Shimin Hall over the weekend — a daytime and an evening showing for both February 9 and February 10. Touted as a compilation of two years of Mikupa, the concerts will be based on the Hong Kong and Taiwan concerts, with new songs as well as appearances by MEIKO and KAITO. Tickets will be 6300 JPY, with assigned seating. The official online sign up for entering the ticket preorder drawing (i.e. for the chance to preorder tickets) will be held by Lawson Ticket and will start at 10AM this Friday and continue through the end of the day on Tuesday. Preorders are expected to start in mid-December, and normal sales of tickets are expected to start January 12 at 10AM. Furthermore, information about an official tour package from travel agency JTB will be available starting at 10:30AM this Friday. Bonuses with the official tour include T-shirts, plastic sheet protectors and the option to buy specially-designed suitcases, and tour participants can order official concert goods ahead of time instead of having to wait in line to buy them at the venue.

10 thoughts on “Mikupa in Sapporo 2013 Announced”

    1. I suppose I could, but unless you live in Japan, it’s going to be pretty hard to participate in an official tour package from JTB…

  1. how do you sign up for it, 5pb says that you have to also sign up for a free membership and people in the us cant because its wont accept my zip or name.

    1. Ah, for the actual tickets, you’d technically need to have a Japanese address and phone number. I just filled in the one for my deputy service and hoping that it turns out okay. ^^; For the name, I used double-width Roman characters for the first field and a katakana pronunciation of my name in the second field.

        1. I use Tenso; it’s good enough for me because I’d choose EMS shipping anyway. It can be kind of pricey if you get multiple items and they arrive separately (they charge a fee for repacking), although they supposedly open all your packages anyway.

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