KAITO V3 Teaser Website Opens

Crypton has now revealed a teaser website for its upcoming VOCALOID3 sound library, KAITO V3. A silhouette of KAITO’s new character design currently adorns the website. KAITO V3 will have four sound banks — STRAIGHT, SOFT, WHISPER and ENGLISH, and demos for the sound banks will be revealed one sound bank per day; a demo of KAITO STRAIGHT singing ShigotoshiteP’s “Kogane Konoha ga Mau Koro ni” (previously demonstrated at NYCC 2012) is currently available. KAITO V3 is set to be released in February 2013, and pre-orders are set to start on December 26, although no price has been indicated on the website yet. The original KAITO was released by Crypton on February 17, 2006; it ran on the first generation VOCALOID engine and thus could not be imported directly for use with VOCALOID3 Editor.

UPDATE: wanderer P’s “Karakuri Dokei to Koi no Hanashi” sung by the SOFT and WHISPER sound banks as well as CircusP’s “Circus Monster” sung by the ENGLISH sound bank have been added.

5 thoughts on “KAITO V3 Teaser Website Opens”

  1. Finally news about him!
    I more excited about him than about any of the others vocaloids from his company: we need more males, especially V·3! he is needed!

    He sounds nice in his demos, sadly two of the demos are the same song, but their are going to release new songs this days anyway. 😀

    And with english voicebank!^^
    Even when I think that something like a power voicbank could be nice.

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