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The new English VOCALOID3 databank from Zero-G, Avanna, is now available for purchase. Currently, a download is offered at a 95 USD price point, and a button on the official page will automatically add the item to a cart and check out via Zero-G’s download shop. The official website also lists three short cover song clips for potential buyers to listen to — Rose Royce’s “Wishing On A Star”, Enya’s “Only Time” (previously played at Nekocon) and the classic English folk song “Greensleeves”.

19 thoughts on “Avanna Available Now”

  1. I have a pretty good feeling her sales are going to be more than
    satisfactory. She sounds very good. In the right hands, she can sound
    even better.

  2. I’ll admit that is a bit better of a price for an english vocaloid but after hearing those demos and some of the uploaded content like “Wind Nocturne” and “Wings” I’m still not impressed. She has to much of Prima’s stylized problem in her voice and Sonika mudiness and hiss. I think I’ll stick to my japanese Vocaloids.

    1. Really? Really? She’s the best engloid so far- I can understand every single word in her demos. Honestly, did Zero-G and Power FX send a hitman after you or something? Because, you can’t seem to force out any kind of compliment for the engloids apart from their prices. I’d accept your opinions if you criticised the Jloids too (Rin and Len’s horrific problems, for example), but you seem to have this massive hate for engloids exclusively.

      1. That’s because engloids are shit. Sure the Japanese Vocaloids have problems but they are no where near as bad the english vocaloids overall. If Zero-G and PowerFx fixed the known problems like the Japanese side does, then I wouldn’t be as harsh and even a bit forgiving. However, they just keep doing the same thing over and over making it so the same flaws show up over and over.

        1. If you can back that up with technical stats, I would take you seriously, but from what I have seen of basic capabilities, Japanse and English Vocaloids and about neck and neck. n_n

          1. Just look at the SAMPA site on how to record an english bank. Both Zero-G and PowerFx tried to take short cuts by mixing Kings english and American english recordings together making a giant mess. We are missing the E, A, a, o, 3, and 4 phonemes from the english banks, PowerFx and Zero-G made it so the @r is the same thing as 3r when it is clearly not ( Seriously the word “Urn” and “Earn” are not the same in pronunciation (If you think they are you seriously need to get your ears examined)), Over half of the dictionary doesn’t work (Wind (air movement) =/= wind (the action of turning something) wine (The alcoholic beverage) =/= whine (a loud noise) etc, etc), and half of the program is not even programed correctly in english. (the word “of” should not be programed V v it should be programed O: v. Replacing “@” with a “V” on every word that as an “a” phoneme in it is not correct at all and whoever thought it was seriously needs to go back and look at the SAMPA dictionary that was provide when it was programed.) That is why English Vocaloids are the epitome of shit. Do I need to provide further evidence?

          2. I guess that’s fair enough, considering you provided evidence for your criticism, but can’t those things be said for the Jloids as well? Crypton took a lot of short cuts with Rin and Len. Lily has some nasty errors too. Also, I’m honestly interested in what you think of the Jloid’s english libraries. Luka’s english, Miku English etc.

          3. you could try to say that but on the Japanese side the companies went back and did or are doing updates for their banks to address the issues that were brought up by consumers. (Like Len and Rins Act 2 and Appends which are basically a thinly veiled Act 3 when you get down to it, InternetCo. V3 re-releases of their V2s with improved recordings (like getting rid of the stuffy nose issue) B-Blats re-release of the VY series with more recordings like falsetto for VY2 , and Cryptons V3 updates that are planned for all of their characters banks including MEIKO and KAITO) Meanwhile PowerFx and Zero-G refuse to do updates because it either “cost to much” (which I can understand this a bit more) or “that it was the intention for their product to be crap” (like what zero-g tried to do when they were called out for selling a shoddy product like Sonika (Who was claimed to be a strong pop star who could hit any note when in reality she could not due to having a soft voice and had glitches in all her vowel recordings), Tonio (who would crash the program if his schwa was put up to high on the piano roll), and Prima (Who currently doesn’t work on windows 7 or 8 without glitches when it is claimed she works just fine on them also the fact she crashes the program if not installed correctly).

          4. English Vocaloids are not as successful as their Japanese counterparts. How could the companies afford to do such updates when they don’t sell nearly enough to warrant them?

            Even with those Zero-G excuses, again, they don’t sell enough. At all. It’s all about sales. If the English Vocaloid companies sold a lot more, I’m sure those problems could be addressed.

            The whole Prima problem is a bit absurd if it is true.

            (Where do you get your facts? It’s hard to believe your assertions, partly because they are so ‘thorough’ that it’s almost ridiculous; as if you did research specifically to bash English Vocaloids.)

          5. As for Luka’s english and Miku’s english. I think both are incredibly poor. Luka Can’t do many Double vowels (Luckily her japanese bank makes up for most of these) and Miku english demos have been a massive flop since they keep trying to show off her accent which is the exact oppisite of what an english demo should do. (At times you can tell crypton literally just used Miku’s Japanese bank or Luka’s english bank if the phoneme hadn’t been recorded) Though I would put Luka a bit higher in english capabilities because she has the extra Japanese bank that fill in the o,a, and 4 phoeme. (Also you can use M as a substitute u: and i as a substitute i: with some work on opening and a glottal stop if needed)

          6. You’ve got to be kidding me.
            If you’re so intent on bashing English Vocaloids, go and make one yourself and see how that fares. Get yourself acquainted with the companies and present your criticisms. I’m sure they would take some considerations. Tell them about the missing phonemes.

            What’s the big problem with the dictionary? Your “wind” example is something simple. How do you expect the program to know the difference? Inputting words phonetically could easily fix that problem (unless, of course, the word requires one of your missing/incorrect phonemes). And for the record, I pronounce “wine” and “whine” the same…you must be pointing to the “h” some people put in front of the “w” sound in whine.

            To me, part of the problem is that English Vocaloids don’t seem to be recorded with regards to the actual pronunciation of English words when singing. Some words are slurred…other sounds omitted; words pronounced differently. And not to mention, the English-speaking world is full of different accents.

          7. Well seeing that I and others have sent in plenty of letters pointing out the flaws the usually response is “were sorry to hear that” generic message that stone walls consumers.

            As for the dictionary the problem is that Zero-G and PowerFx advertised that the english banks know every word in the english dictionary already so you don’t have to edit them unless you want a a particular accent or worry about knowing X-SAMPA which it is straight up false. Basically if a musician has to go learn a computer program language just to use a product instead of making music something has gone very wrong. (Heck the word “wretch” isn’t even in the program and the word “Vanilla” should not be programed as “v V n I l V” and should be programed as “v @ n E l l @”. (But seeing that there is no E phoneme it is not physically doable thus rendering the word to an incorrect format) Also if you are woundering where this is from it is straight from the X-Sampa dictionary at theiling online which has the english dictionary in X-Sampa where you just have to input the IPA format of the word and it gives you the X-Sampa programing version.) Laziness on the companies side should not be rewarded.

            I would agree that the english vocaloids are excessively slurry. But unfortunately that can’t be fixed due to bad recordings bringing them down in quality because it is in the raw recordings. (Big Al is known for this on his “eI” phoneme particularly and Sonika on every Vowel Vowel transition she has)

            Moving on to the updating issue like i said earlier I can somewhat understand a company not having enough money but Zero-G and PowerFx have known about a lot of these issues before hand making it so that they should been able to avoid these pit falls, but instead just went right into them again. Also there is a thing called a patch in computer programing which updates software so that it wouldn’t require a full re-release of the product but still could update the product with the necessary fixes. (Video game programers do this ALL the time and even Zero-G has done it with the engines on V1,V2, and V3 (even though that is more Yamaha for V3) so saying that they can’t do it is bull)

            For Prima error it has been address on the Vocaloid user forms (Which is endorsed by them) particularly for 64 bit computers (which is nearly every computer now days) and Zero-G replied saying that in order to fix it you need to purchase Tonio. Which is saying that if you want to use the product you just purchased you have to purchased another $200 voice bank even if you don’t want that particular voice which is again complete bull.

            Any other questions?

      1. @de4acf6a2d2add68fbe6d7d005a98697:disqus

        Then prove me wrong. Show a well developed counter argument that shows that Zero-G and PowerFx are indeed fix the problems that have been presented many MANY times instead of just hashing out the same thing over and over again. If you think I’m alone on this then go look at the majority of the fandom. Everywhere outside of Vocaloidism and Vocaloidotaku Engloids are hated because of their poor quality and bad voice types.

    2. If one puts in the work Avanna and Prima actually sound about as close to human as you’d hope for. It’s Sturgeon’s Law, people don’t tend to be aware of all the crappy Japanese Vocaloid attempts out there, so it “appears” that the Japanese vocaloids are somehow better (not knowing the language helps a lot too) , but make no mistake it’s a bias pure and simple whether from ignorance or preference. I just wish people would stop being so snarky about it. Especially when you’re criticizing a product you haven’t even tried out.

  3. I hope that Avanna makes a better work than others engloids, but I don’t really understand what “english” has with “celtic”. I understand that thing about Enya’s style, but it would not must have a irish language??

  4. I keep seeing people quick to say that the Japanese vocaloids are better, when the actual truth is the Japanese language is considerably simpler in structure than English. You are not going to get a quality English vocaloid that’s simple to program. It’s going to take some work. If you notice, there are complicated Japanese vocaloids that require a lot of skill, and you don’t see many people using those as well, and many of the results that you do see are less than stellar. In the right hands Avanna should sound as good as any Vocaloid out there.

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