SEGA Opens Voting for Bringing PSP DIVA Songs to PSV/PS3

SEGA has put up a web page where fans can vote for songs from the PSP series of Project DIVA to be remade and redelivered onto the Vita and PS3 platforms. The page has a listing of all the default songs from each of the three games along with a questionnaire section at the end, asking for gender, age and location. In addition to the standard prefectures in Japan, the list also includes “Asia” (アジア), “America” (アメリカ), “Europe” (ヨーロッパ) and “Other” (その他). Everyone can vote for one song a day from 6PM on December 24 until 6PM on January 15. The total votes will be taken into consideration by the development team when deciding which songs to remake. Details about how the remakes will be delivered are expected to come soon. In other news, the arcade team made a PV for “39” to celebrate Christmas (and to console all the lonely people out there on Christmas Eve). The end of the video states that “39” will be included in Project DIVA F, and it will also be added to the arcade song list in late March, to Live Stage Producer in March and to maimai in early March as well.

UPDATE: SEGA has also been posting free wallpapers as presents to everyone: 1 2 3 4 5

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