Song Using GUMI Beta Posted

It appears that Vocalekt Visions’s neutrinoP had been working with INTERNET on making a demo song for GUMI English. He worked with the beta sound bank, and a short snippet of a demo song titled You Are The Reason has now been posted to niconico (and to YouTube as well). The song lyrics were written as a collaboration between neutrinoP and Wolf. GUMI English has a tentative release month of February 2013 and was announced during the VOCALOID Trans-Pacific Project presentation at DC Expo this year.

UPDATE: Another English demo song has been uploaded on YouTube.

2 thoughts on “Song Using GUMI Beta Posted”

  1. ……..erm that was okay but she is waaaaayyyy to choppy at parts. However there is little accent in her bank which is a big bonus (unlike in Luka, miku, and every engloid). Maybe internet Co will find the solution for making English possible for Vocaloid. (Please please just do not follow in Zero-G or PowerFx steps of being lazy.)

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