Yuzuki Yukari With German Interface Coming Soon

During its latest set of live streams, AH-Soft has announced that their VOCALOID3 sound bank Yuzuki Yukari will soon be available for sale through German channels. According to a clarifying tweet, the actual voice bank will remain the same, but this version will have a German language user interface. Furthermore, AH-Soft will be making an appearance at the CES and NAMM trade shows, both of which are taking place in January 2013. CES, which shows off the latest electronic gadgets, will be held in Las Vegas from January 8 to 11 and is open to the public, whereas NAMM, focused on music products, will be held in Anaheim from January 24 to 27 and is industry-only. Participation by AH-Soft in these events fits very neatly with the plan outlined in the VOCALOID Trans-Pacific Project presentation. In other news, on the first anniversary of Yuzuki Yukari’s release, her voice provider was finally revealed to be Ishiguro Chihiro, who has had a few small roles in anime since 2007.

9 thoughts on “Yuzuki Yukari With German Interface Coming Soon”

  1. Wow! I’m an German otaku and I’m looking forward to it. It’s nice that Japan begins to notice the big fan base in Europe, especially Germany.

  2. kind of odd that AH-Soft went to Germany but whatever I suppose. I guess we will start hearing may german made originals from Yukari. (I predict lots and lots of death metal)

  3. Finaly! Me and my group are dreaming for an german vocaloid. I’m glad that they are now planing an german interface. maybe we will get an german vocaloid till then I will work with my german utauloid xD

    1. They already have the ability to make a German vocaloid. SAMPA Already has the German phonemes ready to go on their site so all you would need is to convince a company to make one. The problem lies in a company the only one who might would be Zero-G but they are know for taking short cuts and making low quality products.

      1. that’s why we started to make our own voicebank, even if it’s in utau…

        it’s much better than the most understandable english vocaloids…

        1. Well that’s because English Vocaloids are the epitome of shit. Still Good Luck on your German UTAU (Not exactly my thing but still a good attempt)

  4. YESSSS!! my favorite v3 is finally getting the break she deserves. Do hope she gets her big break there.. (and YAY for Death metal Yukari!!)

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