KAITO V3 to Come with Crypton’s Own VSTi Compatible Editor

Crypton Future Media has now updated the KAITO V3 page with more product information, including detailed descriptions of the four sound banks as well as pricing. Preorders are open now at 16,800 JPY for a scheduled mid-February release of KAITO V3. Furthermore, in addition to Tiny VOCALOID3 Editor, the KAITO V3 package comes with Crypton’s very own VSTi-capable VOCALOID editor called Piapro Studio, along with PreSonus Studio One Artist 2.5 Piapro Edition, a basic DAW software package and VST host that includes several instrument plugins as well. Crypton is also throwing in some sample banks and a sound data organizer from SONICWIRE. Meanwhile, KAITO’s new character design on the official website is still a silhouette.

UPDATE: wat from Crypton answered a few questions from followers on Twitter.
UPDATE2: KAITO V3 visuals now up on main site, and a few new demo songs have been added.

Sound Bank Descriptions

  • DB 1: STRAIGHT – a rich and clear natural voice
    Good for: traditional folk songs, pop music, all genres of rock
    Recommended tempo: 90-200 BPM, Recommended pitch range: B1-C3
  • DB 2: SOFT – a mellow and gentle voice
    Good for: soft rock, folk, ambient
    Recommended tempo: 80-180 BPM, Recommended pitch range: D2-B2
  • DB 3: WHISPER – a sweet whisper that touches your heart
    Good for: ballads, jazz, soul
    Recommended tempo: 65-150 BPM, Recommended pitch range: F2-D3
  • DB 4: ENGLISH – an intelligent and calm natural English voice
    Good for: fusion, dance, electronica
    Recommended tempo: 70-190 BPM, Recommended pitch range: B1-B2

Piapro Studio

Piapro Studio appears to be Crypton’s own implementation of an editing software package for VOCALOID3; it takes the place of VOCALOID3 Editor and provides some features not found in the latter. For example, it has a VSTi interface that allows DAW software to directly interact with the editor, much in the same way VOCALOID2 used ReWire to hook into DAW software. Its lyric entry feature has slightly more customization than VOCALOID3 Editor, allowing for automatic adding of notes if the number of syllables exceeds the number of notes. It also supports editing properties of many notes simultaneously; the demonstration video showed selecting several notes and altering the vibrato settings of all of them at the same time. The vibrato and attack settings for each note are now below and above the note respectively, instead of both being below the note. Parameters can be adjusted and results heard in real-time as well. Like VOCALOID3 Editor, Piapro Studio has no limits on the number of measures (unlike Tiny VOCALOID3 Editor) and supports multiple tracks. It appears from screenshots that display of parameter adjustment curves can be toggled for each parameter.

Studio One 2.5 Artist / Piapro Edition

Studio One is a series of DAW software packages from PreSonus, with Free, Artist, Producer and Professional versions. The Piapro Edition apparently comes with at least four virtual instrument plugins — Presence, SampleOne, Mojito and Impact. The first two are sample players, Mojito is a monophonic subtractive synthesizer, and Impact is a drum machine. Customers can plug Piapro Studio directly into Studio One and be able to work on both instrumentals and vocals without the need for additional software.

Q & A

Q: Making even your own editor, is Crypton going to be in the red?
A: There was some deliberation about the pricing, but we made the decision considering the big picture by looking at the mid to long term.

Q: Regarding Piapro Studio, would it be possible to import VOCALOID2 sound banks or import ones from other companies?
A: Sorry that I can’t answer that right now. We’re going to be releasing more information bit by bit, but if you are in a rush, contacting us via email is the better option.

Q: With KAITO V3, we’d only need this right? It’s okay not to own the previous version of KAITO?
A: KAITO V3 will not require the previous version to work, unlike our Append products from before.
— at this point wat was notified that he had been quoting people backwards on Twitter —

Q: Wait, don’t tell me that Piapro Studio was what made KAITO V3 late… (no way that would happen, right)?
A: Yes, it was kind of like that.

Q: I own KAITO V1 (I’ve already registered my license and received the promotional offer email) and I live overseas. Will you be able to ship KAITO V3 overseas?
A: Sorry, but to be sure, please email us to check.

Q: Is this supposed to be a replacement for VOCALOID3 Editor?
A: We’re planning to go into detail [about the features in Piapro Studio] bit by bit. There are some fine differences between the two, so we’d like users to make the call themselves.

Q: Excuse me, I’d like to ask a question. Once the promotional offer for KAITO V1 owners expires, is there a possibility that the V1 release will become obsolete?
A: For the time being, we’re planning on continuing sales through our website and other channels.

Q: Will Piapro Studio only run on Windows? Would it be possible to run on Mac?
A: Currently we have no plans to have it run on Mac.

Q: Kind of been wondering about this, but does this mean there’ll be no need to buy VOCALOID3 Editor?!
A: Please look into our upcoming release information. In any case, right now version 1.0 is pretty decent, and we plan on looking into version updates.

Q: The question of whether Piapro Studio will be sold standalone, will that be revealed later or will there be no plans?
A: Right now, we have no plans to sell Piapro Studio separately.

5 thoughts on “KAITO V3 to Come with Crypton’s Own VSTi Compatible Editor”

  1. I was a little confused about Piapro Editor…it’s a bit hard to believe Yamaha would allow Crypton to release something that bypasses Tiny Editor. Does it provide full functionality as a separate program or is it limited to a VST plugin?

  2. hhhmmmm the new Piapro editor sounds some what intreting but I will probably stick to the V3 editor. As for the KAITO english I’m still digging it. He sounds way closed throat and nasally. (Still this is Crypton so it will sell well no matter what)

  3. Thanks for this very good report HighTrance.
    Damn the guys at CFM are really leveraging the success of their CV series to also expand their other lines of business.

    @Folk Princess. Be sure that CFM are doing what the Yamaha licence allows them to do.

  4. On early morning of January 6th, Mr. Hiroyuki Itoh (@itohh), the CEO of Crypton Future Media, tweeted the finished development of “KAITO V3”.

    I translated it word by word, and tweeted. See -> http://togetter.com/li/435011

    Any obligation of errors in translation owes @3103net.

    @itohh has also told that Crypton Future Media will set official English announcement on their web, soon.

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