Vocalekt Visions Holds KickStarter for Improved Concerts

Production group Vocalekt Visions, who have written several VOCALOID songs and previously held a few concerts in the United States, has just put up a KickStarter campaign to raise money in an attempt to improve the quality of their concerts. They hope to raise 50,000 USD in two months, with most of the money going towards projectors and screens as well as a new sound system. The pledge perks include CDs, concert DVDs and even custom songs written for pledgers. As of writing, they currently have two pledgers, one at 39.39 USD and one at 10 USD.

6 thoughts on “Vocalekt Visions Holds KickStarter for Improved Concerts”

  1. Projectors and screens aren’t going to fix their completely wonky animations. Start with the basics, guys…of course demanding Mikupa level quality would be unreasonable, but I’ve seen way better even with MMD.

    I feel like these folks have been given a free pass because they were doing something sort of novel and nobody wanted to bitch about an obviously low budget fan project. But they’ve don’t several concerts now and haven’t actually improved, so I’m just going to come out and say it: These concerts are *bad*. They are bad on pretty much every level. Dressing things up with some fancy projectors isn’t going to help.

  2. Nice to prop this HighTrance.

    And yes I completely agree with DK, their main problem is the awful quality of their animations !

    However, this do not need a lot of invest (a descent mocap setting cost around $2000), but rather a good collab with potential dancer or even simpler use very effective MMD animations already on th web.

    So I just hope that with this Quickstarter will let them improve the quality of their animation.

  3. I agree with DK as well, having better quality projectors and sound systems may improve performances so far but the animation still has much to improve on.

    Like Samuel said, improving animation for the concerts do not require much investment and they can either make use of (good) motion data already on the web or get the help of someone who is more experienced in making animations!

  4. This is not okay, I’m incredibly disappointed that people would donate a dollar. the animation is horrible not to mention there god awful music. they should team up with KODA-P he would get this shit going in all the right directions if you know what i mean 😉

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