Megpoid English Getting Another Illustration for Release Day

GUMI SilhouetteAccording to a tweet from INTERNET’s Noboru Murakami, the official Megpoid English website will reveal an all-new character illustration specifically for Megpoid English on February 28, when the sound bank is scheduled to be released. A followup tweet states that this new illustration will be very different from the illustrations up until now and suggests that different images be used based on how they fit the mood of the song. It’s possible that the silhouette revealed previously on the official Facebook page for GUMI is the silhouette for the new character design.

7 thoughts on “Megpoid English Getting Another Illustration for Release Day”

    1. new character design. Also if you want a Spanish Vocaloid use Bruno or Clara. Engloid banks kinda suck donkey dick at doing well…any language including their own. (Or should I say Burro?)

        1. Unknown 1234

          Well once we actually get a vocaloid that can speak decent english and isn’t poorly programed then maybe I’ll reconsider them not to suck large amounts of donkey dick. ( Yes that includes the new Engjp bank)

        1. Which is why I said use Bruno or Clara if you want a Spanish vocaloid. The design is for her english release.

      1. Oh my god your so obsessed with the engloids it hurts
        If you hate them so much shut the fuck up about them

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