Kenmochi Reveals Details About VOCALOID 10th Anniversary Project

During a recent episode of Dream Creator, invited guest and head of the VOCALOID project team Kenmochi Hideki talked about the history of VOCALOID and then revealed details about an upcoming project they’ve planned to celebrate the 10th anniversary of VOCALOID. The project will allow the user to create the effect of three male singers singing together and is intended as a nod to the early days of VOCALOID, when it was still a project going by the code name “DAISY”. Although VOCALOID was announced to the world on February 26, 2003, development had already started around March of 2000. Back then, one of the main uses imagined for this technology was to provide backing vocals and placeholder vocals with realistic singing. Thus, with the 10th anniversary looming, the project team thought about what backing vocals really entailed, with this project as the result. As part of the project, they are working on developing a plugin that would be able to subtly shift and offset a vocal track so that multiple vocal lines singing in unison would not suffer from phase distortion artifacts that made it sound unnatural, as is the case with the current version of VOCALOID.

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