INTERNET Holding Megpoid English Song-making Campaign

In an apparent bid to encourage more use of Megpoid English, INTERNET is holding a song-making campaign titled “VOCALOID3 Megpoid English Release Contest”. Submitting an original Megpoid English song to nico nico, tagging with “GUMIENGCONTEST” and locking the tag before March 31 is all that is needed to enter. The song can be made using either the trial version or the full retail version, and need not be more than the 16 measures allowed by Tiny VOCALOID3 Editor. Songs of GUMI singing on top of the given background vocals in “EmptyWithWav.vsqx” is also allowed. Prizes for this campaign are a GUMI Nendoroid figure, an XL T-shirt, two Tote bags and ten plastic sheet protectors; they will be awarded to participants “by lottery.” The plastic sheet protectors appear to be the same ones given to people who register the software with a Japanese address before March 31.

2 thoughts on “INTERNET Holding Megpoid English Song-making Campaign”

  1. seriously a lottery for the winner? How does this even make it a contest? At least with Galaco you had to get 1000 views to get her.

    1. Yeah, it’s not really a contest, despite what they named it. Unless they also screwed up the description, it’s just a way to get more people to try the software, I imagine.

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