Miku Day English Reports

While the big event over in Japan for Miku Day (3/9) was Mikupa Wakayama in Knasai (also broadcast on WOWOW), there were also a lot of other events going on, such as VOCALOID Cinema Party, where fans had a chance to watch 4K resolution promo videos. For fans wondering about the upcoming English release of Miku, it also appears that Crypton Future Media has updated the official English website for Hatsune Miku, possibly in preparation for the upcoming SXSW Miku Panel on the 11th. The page now includes much better writing as well as various hooks for various audiences, and it also mentions a projected release date of Summer 2013. In other news, livetune’s upcoming album Re:Dial will include an English version of Tell Your World (English VOCALOID work by CircusP according to a tweet by himself), and the track seems to be available ahead of schedule on iTunes.

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