PowerFX Holding Contest for YOHIOloid Artwork

YOHIO Thumbnail PowerFX is going to be holding a design contest for artwork that will be on the cover of their upcoming bilingual English/Japanese VOCALOID3 sound bank, YOHIOloid. According to the official product page, the contest will be held between March 12 and April 15, with winners to be announced on April 22. A photograph of YOHIO, voice provider for the sound bank, is being provided as a guide for what the artwork should resemble, and YOHIO will personally pick the grand prize winner. In addition to having his or her artwork used on the cover of the packaging, the grand prize winner will also receive $300 in prize money as well as a copy of the final product signed by YOHIO. Furthermore, four runners up picked by PowerFX will also receive a copy of the final product. PowerFX provided clarification through email correspondence that YOHIOloid is indeed the finalized name of the product, and that rights to the winning design will be held by PowerFX.

15 thoughts on “PowerFX Holding Contest for YOHIOloid Artwork”

  1. I predict many MANY shota designs and trap based designs will be made for this vocaloid. I suppose it is better then the monster theme since that was kinda retarded.

      1. @de4acf6a2d2add68fbe6d7d005a98697:disqus

        Prove that it won’t happen. Len is the most popular male vocaloid out there. Most fans considered Piko to be a shota, gachapoid’s human avatar is a shota, and Oliver design is nothing but a jump on the shota band wagon too. The only real “manly” vocaloids are maybe Gackpoid, Bruno, and Big Al (Though Big Al tends to sound either incredibly retarded with over pronunciation, like Kermit the frog, or like someone that has to much phlegm in his throat.)

        1. > “Oliver design is nothing but a jump on the shota band wagon too”
          Oliver is literally the only “shota” Vocaloid to be voice by a young boy. How is that jumping on the band wagon? What other design should they have used for a Vocaloid with the voice of a REAL young boy?

          You are possibly the most pathetic troll I’ve ever seen in this fandom.

          1. @BenHo Calrissian

            There is a lot of of elements that Oliver takes from Len like Spikey blonde hair, music symbols on outfit, Using a mixture of white, black , blue and yellow as a color scheme, yellow tie/bow, yellow trimming on pants, and one could even say that the coat is basically just like lens arm warmers ( but I’ll admit that is pushing it). He also was built to appease fans in the west and the west wanted a shota so that what PowerFx gave them which is why Oliver is nothing but a hop on the shot a bandwagon.

          2. @That Guy
            They gave him a “shota” design because he was voiced by a young boy and shotas are young boys. Also, for as hard as you tried to find similarities between their designs, the most you could really come up with is “blonde”. Considering that Oliver’s costume is directly based on the outfits of the Vienna Boys Choir, the color-scheme being “similar” to Len’s (despite Len’s outfit containing absolutely no blue and Oliver’s outfit being almost entirely blue BUT WHATEVER THEY BOTH HAVE YELLOW TO SOME EXTENT SO TOTAL RIPOFF AMIRITE?) is completely circumstantial.

            Like I said earlier, you try way to hard and fail way too gloriously at being a troll.

          3. @facebook-100001410354651:disqus Last i checked the arm warmers monitors/screen things on Lens out fit were blue which adds to his color scheme. Also His head phones have blue in them on the lights. So yeah keep saying there is no blue on Len’s outfit when it is right there. Further more Len has a bass cleff on his shirt while Oliver has a Dal sengo. (Which if you don’t know what a Dal Sengo is it is the symbol for navigating a piece of music) heck even the pants have the same style of yellow bordering. So yes there are many elements bored from Len. Finally the only parts that are based on Vienna Boys Choir out is the hat and coat take that away and you don’t have much in terms of originality.

          4. http://images3.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20111206184021/vocaloid/images/6/6b/Kagamine_Len.jpg


            The lights on Len’s headphones are the same yellow as Rin’s. There is a little bit of blue in the shadows of the sliders, but that’s just because Kei uses bluish-gray as a shading color. and the arm warmers are black with GREEN led screens. Again, the only actual BLUE in Len’s design are his eyes.

            Olivers outfit on the other hand is Navy blue with a mild amount of black, yellow, and white because those are the colors o the Vienna Boys Choir outfit that he was inspired by.

          5. Look at the text on the band that says “Act 2” that would be known as
            Pale Cornflower Blue which has an RGB of 175/214/241 which is a BLUE SETTING

            His headphones also have the color Heather Blue in the lights which has an RGB code of 168/182/198 which is again A BLUE SETTING

            And his monitor use Powder Blue which also has an RGB of 187/219/229 Which is OMG A BLUE SETTING! WHO WOULD OF THOUGHT?!

            So you saying that there is no blue in Lens outfit is complete bull. I could even point out how the hair style are almost identical but I think there is enough evidence that Oliver borrows heavily from Len.

        2. I think your argument would have more merit if Piko and Oliver were actually that popular compared to KAITO, Gakupo.

    1. YOHIO doesn’t really come across as “shota” to me, so a design like that would be odd. However, he DOES cross-dress a lot so wouldn’t a trap-based design be apropos?

      1. hightrancesea

        When you put it like that it would seem more appropriate. Though Trap and Shota tend to be mix a lot in this fandom so more then likely it would be a mix of both. That or fans will just do full on trap with boobs, lipstick, eyelashes the works. ( That would actually be really funny )

  2. I hope him to not be as girly as his voice provider, that would suck.
    He has a cool male voice, he coud have an elegant but manly design!
    Sorry, but antoher girly vocaloid would be awful.

    And plase!: don’t send designs based on Kagamine Len or others popular Vocaloids!

  3. Honestly, what’s wrong with another shota?! If the design is original and unique, why should it matter? Stop moaning…

  4. Guys, chill >< I've seen the designs that have been produced lately, and I think you'd be surprised by how amazing they really are! I see all these flames on Len and even Oliver's designs, but I really just think it's more of a matter of opinion more than anything. Oliver was most definitely not a shota, as evidenced by the words of the creators themselves, as he was actually played by a young boy. Be a bit more open minded. This guy has a great voice- I'm sure that this vocaloid will be brilliant.

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