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Volume 10 of the mook VOCALOID wo Tanoshimou came out today, containing information about the upcoming VOCALOID3 sound bank ZOLA. Some people who managed to flip through the pages have posted information about ZOLA on Twitter. Twitter user “You_T_from_BMC” recalled from his hazy memory that ZOLA consists of three males either in their teens or twenties, with one having a boyish voice, one having a specialization in deep voices and one being “bilingual” even though it seems that only Japanese voice will be provided. Later, user “kouhomei01” chimed in with a lot more details on ZOLA, such as the individual character names and vital stats.

UPDATE: The official ZOLA website has now been updated to include silhouettes of the three characters rendered in a calligraphic style.
UPDATE 2: hatsunemikumiku has posted a photo of the page in question, which shows the character silhouettes, as well as the exact wording for the character descriptions. YUU’s voice is touted as being delicate and melancholic, fit for an adolescent boy. KYO has a bright and positive voice, even though it embodies a strong will. Lastly, WIL is described as having a powerful yet lyrical husky voice befitting a foreigner.

According to “kouhomei01”, the mook stated that ZOLA is kind of like the name of a singing group, and that each singer can sing solo as well. The three singers’ names are YUU, KYO and WIL, with [their voices] picked out of over forty people for their individuality and ability to enhance each other when singing together. Two of them were quickly chosen, with the remaining person taking a lot longer. Total recording time took over 100 hours. Since ZOLA isn’t anything by themselves, “PROJECT” was added to the name to reinforce the idea that the producer is also an integral part. The full character designs weren’t revealed in this issue; only silhouettes.

As for their individual stats, YUU is 170 cm tall and weighs 53 kg. His blood type is B and he’s an Aquarius. His tentative recommended range is G2–G3 and his tentative recommended tempo is 70–180 BPM. He’s apparently an adolescent boy. KYO is 180 cm tall, weights 60 kg and is a Leo with A-type blood. KYO’s tentative recommended range is B1–C3 and his tentative recommended tempo is 70–210 BPM. He’s described as having a clear and strong voice. Finally, WIL is 178 cm tall, weighs 58 kg, has A-type blood and was born under Capricorn. His tentative recommended range is C2–F3 and his recommended tempo is 70–200 BPM. He is supposedly a foreigner with a husky (as in hoarse connotation, not the low-pitched connotation) voice, with the voice actor appearing to not be from Japan.

The release is tentatively set for Spring of 2013, although a price has not been set yet. All recordings were done in Japanese, so WIL appears to be available in Japanese only. The voice actors appear to be in their teens and twenties, and kouhomei01 suspects there are some professional voice actors and singers amongst them.

6 thoughts on “Tweet Peeks of ZOLA Info”

  1. Well that is kinda interesting though I gotta say YUU and WIL both have a piss poor range if that is true. Though KYO seems to make up for it. Though I don’t get why they needed to mention that WIL is bilingual if they are only including his Japanese bank. Seems like a moot point.

  2. Wow, finally new fresh japanase males vocals for Vocaloid 3!
    I hope them to have cool teen voices, we really need teen guys.

    Still, if they have different voicebanks and all, I don’t get why they are a singing group, I hope this don’t downplay any of them. I like them, of course I still need to know how will they sound.

    p.s: I hope the “boyish” one to not be girly.

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