VOCALOID CHINA Asking Fans to Design Next Character

According to an announcement (PDF) posted on VOCALOID CHINA’s website, the character for their next sound bank will be designed by fans through a contest. Entries received online by April 31 will be vetted and placed on the contest page for other fans to comment and vote. Several winning designs will be chosen based on public comments and public voting as well as input from the project team. Artists behind the winning designs will be designated official VOCALOID CHINA illustrators for this new visual initiative, and the refined artwork will be used commercially. The official contest page has a snippet of the new sound bank singing Mo Li Hua (Jasmine Flower), a traditional Chinese folk song, along with the character saying “Hey everyone, have you heard me yet? If you have, then we’re friends! *yay* I also like eating xiao long bao~ [small steamed pork buns] I want, I want to sing even better songs. I’m… I’m just different! I’m counting on you to draw a unique me! *wink* ” A gallery of current entires as well as the entry form (a .docx file) are also available on the website, as well as clarification that the character is female and that designs should invoke Chinese characteristics as well as being distinctive enough regardless of wardrobe changes.

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10 thoughts on “VOCALOID CHINA Asking Fans to Design Next Character”

  1. Another of those?, they already have another 4 mute characters, I don’t like thier style.
    They are just trying to make another moe anime.

  2. hhhmmmm well I’ll give Vocaloid China this, they do like to try to keep there audience happy by offering lots of contests and then actually finishing the voicebanks for said contests unlike some other vocaloid companies. *coughRingSuzuneandLuiHibikicoughcough*

    Though I really don’t get the idea of asking fans to make the vocaloids designs because a lot of companies have been doing this. Is it just laziness?

    1. I don’t really think it’s laziness. It’s probably a strategy to hype everyone up, since everyone talks about the contest and are excited to see who wins.

    2. It seemed to have worked well the first time with Tianyi. Plus, it might be because of the expectation that Vocaloid is centered around the fans’ participation. Also, since it’s a contest, even if a superstar artist wins (not sure why they would enter) they agreed by the terms of the contest and can’t demand pay relative to their reputation. It’s a win/win for everyone, I suppose.

      1. A superstar artist would probably enter just to get his or her name out more. Which makes me wonder why KEI isn’t entering all the contests is beyond me since he would win hands down every time since he is kind of the creator of the whole vocaloid design look. Also I do hope that they have someone go in an make the designs more professional looking like last time and how they did with Sonika taiwan release. I know PowerFx will need to do that as well because some of the entries I have seen aren’t that great for the YOHIO voiced vocaloid.

        *yes I know they are calling it YOHIOloid but I refuse to call it that since the the whole loid thing is Internet Co. thing and PowerFx needs to find its own thing(Like going back to adding a Adjective in front of the name)*

          1. Are you OK with calling Lawson’s Vocaloid by its name Akikoloid, or the currently only Vocaloid in the Legend of Vocaloid project, Uekiloid?

          2. @mrquadrant4

            I usually just call it Akiko since it is based off of Akiko-chan though I would maybe be willing to call her it since she is private and had the loid thing before YOHIO. Uekiloid I would be willing to call that since it was made by Yamaha themselves and again is private.

  3. Um, this contest is worlwide a.k.a everyone from around the world can join up, right?

    But the document form (or whatever it is) is in Chinese and i can’t read it ;__;;;;

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