Yamaha Releases VOCALOID Deactivation Tool

Yamaha today announced the version 1.0.0 release of their VOCALOID Deactivation Tool, which allows users to deactivate a currently activated piece of VOCALOID software so that the license can be activated on another computer or a different configuration of the same computer, in essence allowing easy transferring of licenses without burning through activations. The tool is aimed at all VOCALOID products with the exception of VOCALOID Editor for Cubase, which is handled by a built-in license manager. It appears that any products that require activation with Yamaha’s servers will eventually be supported. Currently, Yamaha has confirmed proper deactivation support with VOCALOID3 Editor, all flavors of VY1 and VY2, Mew, ToneRion, Lapis and VocaListener. Announcements for products not offered directly through Yamaha are expected to be made in the future.

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