According to an article at DTM Station, a Japanese news site about desktop music production, Yamaha demonstrated a Mac version of VOCALOID Editor for Cubase, slated for a release this autumn. This new entry, unveiled at a publicity event for upcoming products on April 15, will mark the first Mac-native product using the VOCALOID engine. Like its Windows cousin, the Mac version of VOCALOID Editor for Cubase is a plugin for Cubase 7 (or Cubase Artist 7) that allows the user to directly edit and play back VOCALOID vocals inside Cubase. The product was demonstrated using the VY1V3, VY2V3 and the VY2V3 Falsetto sound banks. Unfortunately, possibly due to complexities with the activation system, sound libraries released for Windows cannot be used directly with this software; the original companies behind the sound banks must release Mac versions in order for them to be support by this software. Furthermore, there are no current plans to release a Mac version of the standalone VOCALOID3 Editor, either. Audio equipment retailer Rock oN Company had also attended the event and posted a video on YouTube showing the Mac version in action. Crypton Future Media added a post on the Piapro Studio website stating that they will be releasing a Mac version of Piapro Studio as well, looking into VST and AU options and hoping to deliver it as fast as possible. CEO Hiroyuki Itoh also stated on Twitter that the decision to use OpenGL for the UI was based in part on future Mac support, and that support for other sound banks will be added step by step.

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      1. They already have Mac version I have seen that 3 yrs ago in a Electronic music trade fair in Ghana. They didn’t pull it out because of NitroLX.

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