Crypton Talks About MEIKO V3 in New Tweets

meikoiconCrypton Future Media’s Sasaki Wataru (wat) has revealed a few little tidbits here and there about the currently-in-production MEIKO V3 sound banks both last week and today on Twitter. Most of the comments were with regards to recording and adjustments to specific parts of the sound bank to improve its quality. However, last week, he also mentioned on the side that it’s not definite that MEIKO V3 would be the next sound bank to be released, hinting at Miku being a contender. This week, he unveiled a new MEIKO Twitter icon, although he specifically states that it’s not a silhouette of the box art.

He started last week by stating that they are looking into the rough edges with regards to MEIKO’s “i” vowel sound as part of routine checks on MEIKO V3. Furthermore, he mentioned that in the following week (i.e. this week), they are going to do some additional recording in order to get rid of vowel peculiarities from MEIKO dark. Next, in response to a comment from @chiyoQ, Sasaki pondered about MEIKO Twitter icons, noting that since MIKU is also in the pipeline, there’s nothing guaranteeing that MEIKO would be the next to be released. With regards to MEIKO Power, he said that a lot of balancing work needed to be done, and he’ll probably be adjusting the balance between pronunciation and pitch while listening to MEIKO in the upcoming week. He also mentioned that there was already a MEIKO sound bank that he really liked, with it being full of emotions, but he wondered if it would be difficult to polish it up some more. Closing off last week’s series of tweets, Sasaki said that he would next try to make adjustments not through intricate instructions with regards to breathing, but rather through placement of the microphone.

As for this week, he started off his series of tweets by mentioning that they’re currently recording audio for MEIKO V3. And for a limited time, his Twitter account will be using a brand-new MEIKO icon, although it is not a silhouette of the package and nor will MEIKO be actually wearing a scarf. Regarding MEIKO POWER, Sasaki opined that her sound was really cool sounding and full of gallantry (“manliness”). He also noted that the space around her reverberated with her shouting, and the closer you got to her, the more powerful the sounds hit you, making it quite a moving experience. According to him, what they couldn’t put into practice during test recordings for VOCALOID2 was her Power sound bank. Lastly, he noted that it must be a tiring experience with this type of enunciation and recording method.

As comments streamed in about his tweets, he took the time to make a few replies. PeperonP wondered whether the engine was the reason that they couldn’t get Power to work, and Sasaki replied that unable to get the VOCALOID2 to match the sound was one of the many reasons. Furthermore, with even breathy sounds like Whisper, one might make it possible or find a point of compromise with VOCALOID3 instead of VOCALOID2. User @z_n_c_890_P wondered if VOCALOID3 made it easier to generate loud singing, to which Sasaki replied that rather than being good at loud singing, VOCALOID3’s internal processing was being used effectively with regards to the acoustically dynamic sounds of Power. He also mentioned that he had been talking to Yamaha a lot recently, especially in order to advance to the next stage and proceeding with Haigou Meiko’s recordings. In response to @fumizuki_ asking for some of MEIKO’s “manliness” to make KAITO be someone who isn’t just whispering gently to everyone, Sasaki said that he personally would like to someday make a new recording with this MEIKO Power as a reference, but that’s more for the long run. In response to @oreYTD’s enthusiastic response at hearing news about MEIKO, Sasaki noted that MEIKO was the first and memorable VOCALOID product from their company, and they’d like to go back to basics by aiming for a fresh and new MEIKO V3 great at singing. In closing this series of tweets, Sasaki mentioned that he’s going to the next meeting now that the day’s recordings were done, and that he’ll continue to make little reports regarding MEIKO V3 in the future.

14 thoughts on “Crypton Talks About MEIKO V3 in New Tweets”

  1. Hmmm, how do you upgrade a Vocaloid character design for V3/append? Why, add more bust of course! Although to be fair Meiko wasn’t lacking too much begin with… It’s Gumi Extend that really irks me.

        1. I really like the design V3 GUMI has, definitely gives her more appeal and it was way better than her original design.

        2. 100% agreed. Her old design was fresh and cute, and didn’t feel overdone at all, which really befitted her voice. The Extend design, on the other hand… (And seriously, did they really have to make her boobs bigger?)

  2. hightrancesea, was there any mention of an English VB? I thought the plan was for Crypton’s V3’s to include English.

    1. No mention of English was made in those tweets, or I would’ve written about it. ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Aaaah, can’t wait for Mei-chan to be released<3 She's been largely ignored for so long, let's get her back in the spotlight!

  4. Anything been said at all about Rin and Len? I had heard that they said something at one point, any other news yet? ๐Ÿ™‚ I really hope so!! They’re my favorites <3

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