SEGA Updates Mirai 2 Website

SEGA has now updated the official website for Project Mirai 2 to include new songs and costumes as well as explanations of the rhythm game mechanics. The website now lists OdoP’s 1/6 -out of the gravity- and OSTER project’s Piano×Forte×Scandal in addition to Koneko no Payapaya, Do Re Mi Fa Rondo and YUMEYUME. With 1/6, Project Mirai 2 brings back a classic Hatsune Miku song with a special costume design inspired by the original video. As for Piano×Forte×Scandal, this OSTER project song from 2008 is now available in Miku, Rin and KAITO vocal versions in addition to the default MEIKO version; the game also features a full set of costumes for the four VOCALOID characters specifically for this song. By choosing a different character, the game will use different vocals in addition to showing that character on screen. The custom costume modules for 1/6 -out of the gravity- and Piano×Forte×Scandal, as well as a Yuki Miku Ichigo Shiromuku Ver. module join the previously announced Sakura Miku, Koneko no Payapaya and Do Re Mi Fa Rondo. The updated website also provides more information about the two types of gameplay available. In touch mode, the player has to coordinate touches on the lower screen in time with a marker sliding along note-filled paths. In addition to simple touches in the correct area of the lower screen, the player also has to do holds as well as directional swipes, and the number of touch areas increase to three at the hardest difficulty level. There is also a button mode, where the player has to press buttons instead of using the touch screen, with dual-button combos in the higher difficulty levels. More information is available in the most recent issue of Weekly Famitsu, and Insider #1 (@nakanohito_1go) also revealed that they’ve just received the opening theme song for Mirai 2 (although they cannot say who made it) and are now proceeding to work on the video for it.

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