Amongst all the recent news regarding VOCALOID on Mac, INTERNET Co., Ltd. has also posted a press release detailing their plans for Mac conversions of their VOCALOID3 products Megpoid, Gackpoid, Lily and CUL. In September, they will begin the gradual process of offering free downloads of the respective Mac versions to currently registered users. Users who have purchased any of the VOCALOID3 Megpoid, Gackpoid, Lily and CUL products are encouraged to register with INTERNET to get notification and more details regarding the free Mac downloads. The press release also notes that only one version (Mac or Windows) can be used at one time, which fits with Yamaha’s suggested procedure of deactivation, followed by Mac installation and activation. It also notes that these are for the sound banks only, and that a separate purchase of VOCALOID for Cubase NEO is required to use them since VOCALOID3 Editor and Tiny VOCALOID3 Editor do not run on Mac.

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