Magical Mirai Options

Can’t make it in person to Magical Mirai? Here are some other options:

  • Attend one of the delayed screenings to be held by Live Viewing Japan in Hong Kong (1)(2), Taiwan, France, UK, Germany, USA, Mexico and Brazil. Latest updates are available on their official Facebook page.
  • Watch it live on niconico. Premium users can watch their stream for free, whereas normal users can opt to buy a 1500 point (equivalent to 1500 JPY) ticket to watch. The free stream for premium users is in celebration of niconico reaching 2 million premium users. Tickets for the stream will be sold through September 5, and time-shifting is available through September 6 (once you start watching a time-shift, you have 24 hours to finish watching it).
  • Be resigned to your fate and watch all the concert Blu-rays you bought instead to celebrate Miku’s birthday.

7 thoughts on “Magical Mirai Options”

    1. The concert will be broadcast approximately a day after the actual event, so it’s not a live broadcast.

        1. Of course it’s a live concert, but the in-theatre screenings will be delayed. If you want to watch it “live”, you’ll have to be either there in person or watching the niconico stream.

  1. Going for the delayed broadcast in Paris 🙂 However the hardest part will be to not peek on the Internet the content of the concert. I’m expecting something really novel for this event.

    1. I don’t believe so. All of the delayed broadcasts are out of Japan, and the rest of Japan got stuck with nico stream (free with premium). You will just have to wait for the bluray!

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