Crypton Announces Release Details for Hatsune Miku V3

Hatsune Miku V3 English PageDuring a product announcement event streamed live on niconico, Crypton has released more detailed plans regarding the upcoming release of Hatsune Miku V3 and Hatsune Miku English. There will be two packaged (hard copy) releases — Hatsune Miku V3 and Hatsune Miku V3 Bundle. The former will include five Japanese sound banks — Sweet, Dark, Original, Soft and Solid, whereas the latter will also include the English sound bank. Both package versions will be released on September 26. Hatsune Miku V3 will be 16800 JPY and Hatsune Miku V3 Bundle will be 21000 JPY. Furthermore, the English sound bank release will be on August 31 and that release will be download only and worldwide. Pricing is set at 149 USD. The announcement event also revealed the final illustrations for V3 and English as well, which are now reflected on the official home pages.

Crypton has also sent out an email with release details for the English version. For North/South America, Big Fish Audio will be handling distribution. For Europe, it will be Best Service, and for Taiwan, it will be E-Capsule Distribution. Finally, for Japan, digitial distribution of Miku English will be through Furthermore, the company sent out another email to registered users of VOCALOID2 Hatsune Miku, detailing discounts. For previous owners, Hatsune Miku V3 comes in at 12600 JPY while the bundle becomes 15750 JPY if ordered by February 28. Free shipping is offered within Japan. For owners of Hatsune Miku Append, Crypton is currently talking to Yamaha to see if they can offer Hatsune Miku V3 VIVID and Hatsune Miku V3 LIGHT free of charge.

39 thoughts on “Crypton Announces Release Details for Hatsune Miku V3”

  1. THAT Miku English illustration.

    Glorious. Friggin glorious. Good job Zain!

    Ixima also did a great job. Showing the cute side of Miku. It’s pretty interesting how both version differ from one another.

    Won’t deny, a part of me do miss KEI

  2. Eeeeeewwwwww. Nasty nasty design and voice (What happen to my sweet cute Miku?). This is why you should never ever market to the west. We will always screw it up.

    1. Samurai Pizza Cats; the western version was better then the Japanese version, even the Japanese producers of the series admitted that.

        1. Well, considering Crypton Future Media is the company handling Miku’s English bank you only have them to blame for anything you dislike about it. Stop blaming “us” for “ruining” her and stop being a weeaboo. Btw, just because English!Miku’s eyes aren’t the size of dinner plates doesn’t make her “manly” it makes her more natural looking than the regular Miku (not that I have a problem with Moe!Miku either).

          1. @benhocalrissian:disqus

            Yeah they changed in order to appeal to the west. It was way better before they decided they wanted westerns to get involved. So yes it is the west fault for the change.

        2. theguy my point is the west doesn’t screw up everything.

          Also since CFM is Japanese, it wasn’t the west screwing things up it was the Japanese screwing up their own product.

          Okay I’ve pretty much answered everything that has to be said here so lets move onto your next “anti-english-vocaloid” flawed logic.

          1. @disqus_FKv7zGDsyJ:disqus

            Pretty much what I said to Ben they only changed it to try to appeal to us when it was fine before so the west is to blame for the change.

          2. It doesn’t matter, a Japanese company choose to try and aim it at the west rather then keep it within their cultures expectations.

            At the end of the day, CFM choose this path, if you don’t like it then tough, CFM made the call not you.

          3. @disqus_FKv7zGDsyJ:disqus

            Yeah but they didn’t have to choose to change miku her V3 design could of worked wonders here. Instead were stuck with this thing that looks like something out of the 90’s stock image syndrome.

          4. Well then, it shows the Japanese companies have flaws and that they can make mistakes even still. Your being made a fool of here, I suggest you forget this line of thought. At the end of the day, your praising the Japanese companies and ignore they were the same company who choose to change the art. Even in your eyes, you surely must see that they are guilty of making a mistake, you cannot be such a weaboo that you only see pink vision when it comes to what you would classify as a mistake.

            If not, then you are bias and stupid and should learn another language, abandoning this one because its “inferior” to the Japanese one and leave the rest of us alone since we’re not the Japanese ideal you seek either.

          5. @disqus_FKv7zGDsyJ:disqus
            Yeah only because the west put pressure on them to change it did they make the mistake. Seriously stop trying to defend the western market as being some innocent thing that got caught in the cross hairs. People kept demanding an english Miku that would appeal to the west which forced them to change for the worse. Yes japanese companies can make mistakes but this stinks of test marketing to westerners and being told they didn’t like it and to change it.

          6. Yeah right, talk about trying to make shit look like a rose…

            No one made any demands, if you pay attention to the twitter, CFM there has been no such comments made. Their choice to change things – we didn’t cause it.

            Try again, this time without lying your pants off.

          7. @disqus_FKv7zGDsyJ:disqus

            They don’t have to post marketing material on their twitter (That would be a dumb move for them in the first place)

            Still they have a full design for Japan and one for America. That pretty much screams we changed this to try to make Americans happy. If you have to change a product image to appeal to someone then you are bending to them.

          8. No, they change it to appeal to a wider audience, what appeals in one culture does not appeal in another. This isn’t something that Japan faces alone. Whats “Brttish” doesn’t always appeal to the French, whats Italian doesn’t always appeal to the Chinese. Etc. etc.

            Next daft comment please! 😀

          9. @disqus_FKv7zGDsyJ:disqus

            Lol you just proved my point that they changed for the sole reason of trying to appeal to English users. So the west is to blame for it.

          10. @disqus_FKv7zGDsyJ:disqus

            You’re just digging your own grave deeper since you already said that “They changed it to appeal for a wider audience” which is kinda of black and white for my point so you really can’t really take that back now.

          11. @that guy

            “…they have a full design for Japan and one for America. That pretty much screams we changed this to try to make Americans happy. If you have to change a product image to appeal to someone then you are bending to them.”

            I completely agree with that statement.

            An example of “Merican” marketing – Miley Cyrus – older and manlier… I hate U.S. marketing.

  3. Design seems a bit manly, that’s my only problem. If they sell hard copies in the UK then I’ll probably get it and start actually making songs. I wish that the western fanbase was more productive but I guess the the weaboos will always keep us down.

    1. Or it could be that English just kinda sucks for Vocaloid in general to where it is not usable. Seriously just go with the V3 Miku package and forget Manku. you get more for your money and a vocaloid that can do better english than an english bank.

      1. I wonder how that guy would react if this was an alternative universes where Japanese and english languages were switched around and he loved the English and hated the Japanese?

        This reality’s that guy I know wouldn’t be able to handle it even if they produced a flawless English vocaloid, he’d still hate it for being english.

        1. @disqus_FKv7zGDsyJ:disqus
          Well then I would be a guy who hates Japanese vocaloids but we don’t live in such a universe and until such time English Vocaloids are the epitome of shit in the vocaloid community. Sure if they made a flawless english Vocaloid then I would consider being kinder to them but ever time they go and screw it up royale. Heck I almost liked Yohioloid until I heard his demos and how he was gonna be so choppy and muffled. Heck they couldn’t even fix it Neapolitan and a majority of that song is in Japanese.

          1. In other words, no matter how “good” they are or how bad the Japanese vocaloids qare you will never love them.

            WEABOO ALERT!!

            Proven,, dusted, dyed your it that guy. 😀

            We finally proved it!!!!

          2. @disqus_FKv7zGDsyJ:disqus

            How is that a weeaboo comment anon? His voice was shit in both languages because PowerFx and Vocatone did a terrible job recording him. You really don’t know much about a quality voice synthesizer.

          3. Lol, your bias and won’t like english vocals only liking Japanese vocaloids and japanese vocals produced by Japanese companies. Incidentally, most Japanese fans find it fine, they comment on how the Japanese sounds very similair to the english vocal which is rare for bilinguals to do so. Even luka has a slight difference.

            Next bias comment please!

            I’m having too fun fun poking at you and your weaboo comments that guy.

          4. @anon

            I’m tried giving them a chance and everyone has failed to sound good. They all sound like they have down syndrome or shit faced drunk while at least with the Japanese ones ( heck even the SeeU) are at least understandable. If you consider me biased then your even more if consider english vocaloids to be on the same level as Japanese vocaloids or even SeeU korean.

            You can keep poking because I can keep poking back and I can keep going with how shitty english vocaloids are.

          5. Your response is all very opinionated, in your view they all sound drunk, but you pretty much going into the realms of offensive to downes syndrome when you say that and I’d watch yourself in case you offend folks….

            Again a typical weaboo response from you.

            Yohioloids only fault is his accent, its swedish. You expect his soudns to not be perfect.

            Your bias and an idiot, you ignore the real points points and pick up on the less or “open” points where opinions only count… Your a weaboo and your only response when humiliated is to troll everyone.

            Hence why no one can take your seriously… And your still using English yourself I see, you must love this language if your continue to use it.

          6. @anon

            Oh noes I offended someone on the internet?! what ever will I do?!

            And the fact he can’t pronounce stuff with out mumbling in an incoherent tone.

            But moving on. Again I don’t hate english for talking and discussion. It is perfectly fine. I just think it is piss poor in Vocaloid because they are missing so many phonemes that are needed, the recording style hasn’t changed at all since 2004, and the program takes so many short cuts that it is embarrassing that any one english vocaloid got out onto the market. (Seriously [Q] =/= [A] in X-Sampa they are different sounds so they need to program it correctly)

          7. Erm the recording style HAS changed, there are things that haven’t changed about it but you’re too stupid to learn about what has happened to English vocalodis and don’t care little weaboo.

          8. @disqus_FKv7zGDsyJ:disqus

            Oh really then please do mention them. Are you referring to AVANNA’s heavy Consonant recordings? Because that’s not new at all. Or maybe the multi-tones in Oliver? Oh wait. That’s not new either. If they programmed the missing phonemes then I would be somewhat impressed but so far it is literally all the same with all the same faults. So far it is still just CV, VC, and VV in their recordings. ( just like how their 2007 guide)

  4. I like the new English design. I’m sure most of the people bitching about the art wouldn’t have even bought english miku in the first place. Or any actual vocaloid for that matter.

    1. Actually, in my case at least, you couldn’t be more wrong. Upon seeing the character design for the English package, my very first thoughts were how unattractive Miku had been drawn, and, as others appear to have said, that she looked quite masculine. I find it really disappointing because I would seriously love to see this product fly off the shelves and be part of Vocaloids finally becoming huge in the West, but I can’t help but feel that the unattractive package design will be a detriment. Simply put, people like pretty, and this rendition of Miku is anything but.
      That being said, it won’t stop me from buying it, but I don’t think I’ll find myself sitting there staring happily at the package when I do.

      1. Well, there’s always the Japanese/English Bundle option…
        It has iXima’s artwork of Miku right on it.
        …although you’ll have to wait until September 26 to buy it…

  5. Not going lie, I don’t like her English design, she has a bishounen face and the style is still pretty anime-ish. It would have been so much better if they chose an artist like SONiKA’s new design.

  6. The more error reports I read concerning Miku’s English voicebank, the more I’m thinking that her English debut wasn’t as bright as I thought it would be…

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