Canon Uses Senbonzakura to Promote New Camera

To promote their upcoming iVIS mini video camera, Canon uploaded a series of videos onto YouTube of various professional musicians performing KurousaP’s hit song Senbonzakura. These videos are embedded on Canon’s website, and include performances from “piano magician” H ZETT M, vocalist group R&B Connection Crew, anime and game music singer Lia (who also provided the voice for the VOCALOID3 sound bank IA) and guitarist Hidehisa Sasaki from VOCALOID producer sasakure.UK’s band UK Rampage. The iVIS mini, also known as the Legria mini outside of Japan, is an upcoming video camera from Canon aimed at enthusiasts who want to take videos of themselves and upload them to websites like YouTube and niconico.

3 thoughts on “Canon Uses Senbonzakura to Promote New Camera”

  1. Whoa, Lia sounds so much like IA it’s scary. They did a very good job making her like her voice provider!

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